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Voter ID Complaint Targets Minn. Election Official

Minnesota’s top election official is the target of a complaint from Republican senators who accuse him of misleading voters on a proposed voter identification requirement.


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MN Secretary Of State Faces Tough Crowd At State Fair

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie’s effort to change the titles of two proposed constitutional amendments were rebuffed by the Minnesota Supreme Court last week.


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Minn. Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To Photo ID

The Minnesota Supreme Court has rejected a court challenge regarding the wording of constitutional amendments, slated for the November ballot.


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Suit To End Same-Day Voter Registration Dismissed

Election-day voter registration will continue in Minnesota this year after a federal judge rejected a lawsuit that sought to end it.


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Minneapolis Church Postpones Mark Ritchie Speech

A Minneapolis Catholic Church has postponed a speech by Minnesota’s controversial secretary of state rather than canceling it outright.


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Altered Minn. Amendments Spur Partisanship Charges

Charges of partisanship flew at a Minnesota Senate hearing into proposed constitutional amendments that gained different topline names than the Legislature voted on earlier.


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Minn. Supreme Court Pulled Into New Amendment Case

A tussle over the title for a proposed constitutional amendment seeking changes to Minnesota voting is headed for the state Supreme Court.


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Minn. AG: Law Permits Change In Ballot Title

Minnesota’s attorney general argued Monday that Secretary of State Mark Ritchie was acting within his power when he revised the title of a ballot measure that would amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage.


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Legal Action Planned Against Amendment Wording Changes

Gov. Mark Dayton is considering a special legislative session for state aid to flood-weary northeastern Minnesota. But some lawmakers are talking about adding another item to the agenda, that could revive two of the most controversial issues of the last decade.


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Ritchie Accused Of ‘Political Meddling’ With Marriage & ID Amendments

A group in support of the Gay Marriage Amendment in Minnesota this fall went to court today. They’re trying to stop Secretary of State Mark Ritchie from changing the title on the ballot in the voting booth, which they called “political meddling”.


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Ritchie Alters Title For Voter Photo ID Amendment

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has reworked the title for a constitutional amendment seeking to impose a photo ID requirement for voting.



Pro-Amendment Group Suing Over Ballot Title

Backers of a constitutional amendment defining marriage in Minnesota are accusing two state officials of overstepping their bounds and improperly manipulating the title of the question that will appear on the November ballot.


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Marriage Amendment’s New Debate: Ballot Phrasing

In November, Minnesota voters will decide how the constitution will define marriage. Now there’s a debate over what the title of the amendment should be on the ballot.


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Ritchie: Act Quickly On Voter ID Case

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is urging the state Supreme Court to act quickly on the lawsuit challenging the validity of a ballot question that seeks to make photo identification a requirement for voting.


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Group Fighting Voter ID Plan Enlists Big Names

Former Democratic Vice President Walter Mondale and former Republican Gov. Arne Carlson became the public faces Tuesday of a fight against a proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment requiring voters to present photo IDs at the polls.


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Ritchie Opposes Legal Fee Awards For Redistricting

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is opposing attorney fee awards for those who sued over political redistricting.


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Dayton, Ritchie Call for Photo ID Alternative

Gov. Mark Dayton and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie say there’s a less expensive alternative to the proposal for a constitutional amendment requiring a photo ID to vote, and that it also runs less risk of disenfranchising some voters.


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Ritchie: Taking Part In The Caucus Is Simple

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie says taking part in the caucus is quite simple.


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New Program To Support Education Of Organ Donation

Right now, when you register for a new ID or license, you’re asked about organ donation. But making that choice no longer just means you’ll only check a box.


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Minn.’s Ritchie Appearing Before Congress

Minnesota’s chief elections officer is going before Congress to testify about voter turnout.


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Recount Redux: Sorting Ballots In Gov. Race

Election officials around Minnesota are cracking the seals on ballot boxes as they launch a recount in the state’s governor’s race.


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Minn. Maps Out County Recount Plans

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has mapped out a county-by-county plan for a recount in the governor’s race between Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican Tom Emmer.


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MN Sec. Of State Releases Timeline On Gov. Recount

On Friday, the Minnesota Secretary of State released a proposed timeline for the election recount in the governor’s race.


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GOP Cries Foul Over Mark Ritchie’s Tweets

Minnesota Republicans want answers from Secretary of State Mark Ritchie over his Twitter posts casting doubt on the ability of Republican Tom Emmer to win the governor’s race.


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Esme’s Blog: Recount Endpoint: Dec. 14

The timeline for the governor’s recount was announced today. It will start on Nov. 29 and it is supposed to end on Dec. 14. One can only hope that this time the process will end when the recount ends and not after a lengthy legal battle.