'U' Study: More Time Together Makes For Happier Married CouplesJust in time for Valentine's Day, a University of Minnesota study finds that absence may not make the heart grow fonder. Researchers found that married couples are happier and more fulfilled when they spend time together.
Good Question: Should Couples Have Separate Bank Accounts?One of the biggest things couples fight about is money. A recent study by Harris Interactive for the American Institute of CPAs found the three biggest money-related arguments: wants vs. needs, unexpected expenses and insufficient savings. So that had us wondering: Should men and women have separate bank accounts? According to Nicole Middendorf, financial analyst and CEO of Prosperwell Financial, the answer is usually ‘yes.’ “Because, otherwise, I tend to find people fight too much,” she said. “We are generally so busy in our lives that we don’t take the time to communicate, especially about something that’s not fun to communicate about.”
Minn. Senate Passes GOP Tax Relief Measures The Minnesota Senate voted Friday to reduce and eventually eliminate the state's property tax on businesses and to give an income tax break to married couples.
Twin Cities Married Couples Now In The MinorityNew data from the 2010 Census shows that married couples no longer make up the majority of households in the Twin Cities area.

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