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Police: Skateboarding Boy Fights Off Abductor In Wis.

Police say a 12-year-old boy fought off a man who tried to abduct him while he was skateboarding in northeastern Wisconsin.


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Shooting Victims In Menasha Identified

Police have revealed more about what may have motivated a gunman to shoot four strangers before killing himself on a recreational bridge in Menasha.


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Wis. Man Drowns Near Virgin Timbers Resort In Moose Lake

A 68-year-old man drowned Sunday after attempting to swim to shore on Moose Lake.


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Police: Man Claims Prosthetic Leg In Trash

The mystery of the lost prosthetic leg in Menasha has been solved.


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Wis. Police: No One Has Claimed Prosthetic Leg

Police in Wisconsin are puzzled that no one has come forward to claim this lost-and-found item.