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Daycare And Unions

Doug Grow will join Chad Wednesday to talk about this article that he put together on the topic of unionizing daycare workers.


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Doug Grow On The Shutdown

Doug Grow has been all over the shutdown. He joins Chad on Thursday to discuss the latest. Here are a few of his latest articles. “Dayton Intent On Finding End To Shutdown“.


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Jeff Severns Guntzel’s Story On Baghdad

Chad spoke with MinnPost writer, Jeff Severns Guntzel about his story on Baghdad before and after it fell to coalition forces. Take a look at the story for yourself.


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Don Shelby’s First MinnPost Column

Retirement? What retirement? Shelby’s as active as ever, and we’ve got a link to his first post on MinnPost.


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Link To Jay Weiner Column

Chad talked to MinnPost columnist Jay Weiner about the latest in the Vikings stadium debate. We’ve got a link to his latest article.


Tim McGuire Piece

Former Star Tribune editor and current professor at Arizona State University Tim McGuire joined Chad to talk about his MinnPost article about the political climate in Arizona.


The Nite Show with Mischke – 8/12/10

It’s been a very hot stretch lately.  But the story of one man should help to cool you off.  The State Fair is allowing one local group is to draw blood from kids for DNA […]