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Driver Ejected In Police Chase On I-94 Near Monticello

A driver fleeing from police was ejected when the car rolled into a median on Interstate 94 near Monticello, Minn.


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Mike Lynch Competes In Monticello’s Blueberry Pie-Eating Contest

Mike Lynch competed in a Blueberry Pie-Eating contest at Monticello Riverfest on Saturday afternoon.



Monticello Nuclear Plant Fired Up

The Monticello nuclear power plant has been returned to full service.


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Minn. Nuclear Plant Shuts Down To Replace Valve

Operators have temporarily shut down the Monticello nuclear power plant to replace a safety relief valve.


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Monticello’s ‘Swan Lady’ Loses Life To Cancer

There are few places in Minnesota where the raw beauty of wildlife comes so close, so loud. The astonishing sight of hundreds, at times thousands, of trumpeter swans creates a stirring cacophony across the Mississippi River’s frigid waters.


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Radioactive Material Detected In Minnesota Air

Trace amounts of radioactive material have been found in air samples in St. Paul and two other locations, likely from the damaged nuclear power plants in Japan.


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Minnesota Nuclear Plants Drill For Disaster

The U.S. has 103 nuclear reactors generating electricity in 31 states and Minnesota is home to three of them. Xcel Energy operates two at its Prairie Island facility and one in Monticello.


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Former Hecker Dealership Now Nuclear Training Site

Denny Hecker’s former Suzuki dealership in Monticello is now void of that new car smell. But despite the large “For Sale” sign along the road, the building is hardly gathering dust.