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Weather Warms Up, Out Come The Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes: there are millions of them, they’re a nuisance, and so is their bite which makes you itch and scratch your skin like crazy. So why does the mosquito population in Minnesota seems to be pretty slim this year?


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Memorial Day Signals Start To Mosquito Season

Haven’t seen any annoying, blood-sucking pests in the air yet? That’s because we’re a little behind this year, according to Mike McLean at the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District.


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Warm Weather Allows For Annual Assault On Mosquitoes

The combination of warm temps and light winds allowed the Metro Mosquito Control choppers to begin their annual assault on summer’s main pest.


Mosquitoes? Not As Bad As You'd Expect

You’d think, with all the rain we’ve had in June, the mosquito population would be larger than normal.