Nesting Loons Plagued By Black Fly Onslaught The peaceful call of loons in northern Minnesota is coming under attack by the pestering buzz of biting black flies. "It must be hard for them to see, let alone even breathe," said Lori Naumann, a non-game specialist with the Department of Natural Resources.
Beware Of Turtles Crossing Roads; They Might Need HelpIf you see a turtle crossing a road this spring, the DNR advises you to leave it alone.
Web Cam Offers Live Views Of Peregrine Falcon NestBird lovers can get a close-up look at a pair of peregrine falcons nesting in downtown St. Paul.
Unusual Nesting Site For Mallard Becomes Teaching ToolWith live, streaming video, watching wildlife up-close, in real time has never been easier. In one Minnesota school district, it's becoming part of the curriculum for first graders.
Watching Mallard Nesting Live On WebcamSome elementary students in St. Michael are getting quite the treat this spring with a front row seat to see a mallard nesting, waiting for her ducklings to hatch.

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