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Peter J. Nelson

(credit: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Twins Blog: The Great Twins Sabotage

Twins fans need something to talk about. Mr. Thome is taking his sweet time making it to #600, ranting about the bullpen is getting old and Mauer is already a first baseman (sometimes).


(credit: Minnesota Twins)

Twins Blog: Win Some, Lose Some

I sat and struggled to maintain consciousness during yesterday’s late night Angel beat down. Since the Twins are playing the most heavenly of teams I thought I’d try to put a positive spin on some recent losses.


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Twins Blog: Help Convert A White Sox Fan To A Twins Fan!

Since the day after the All-Star game is typically the most boring sports day of the year, I’m putting out a plea to help out a fellow Twins fan.


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Twins Blog: Our Magical All-Star

Today is Michael Cuddyer’s day. He definitely earned the manager’s selection into tonight’s All-Star Game. He’s one of the reasons why the 2011 Twins are still grasping on hopes to make a run at the Central Division Title in the second half.


(credit: Peter Nelson)

Twins Blog: Free T.C. Hugs

After last night’s historic loss I found Twins mascot “T.C. the Bear” giving out free hugs outside our station on Tuesday.


(credit: Peter J. Nelson)

Twins Blog: Remembering Joe Mauer Day 2011

Everything surrounding Joe Mauer’s absence has been so damn dramatic, my gf and I decided to go to last night’s game and produce and equally dramatic video.


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Twins Blog: Good Signs

If getting back Nishi, Mauer, Thome, Span, Kubel and Perkins all within a week or so wasn’t a good sign … then this has to be.


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Twins Blog: How To Talk To Your Kids About 2011 Season

With the devastation to the lineup this season and now current elation playing out on TV and computer screens around Minnesota, your kids may start to ask if it is safe to cheer for the Twins yet.


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Twins Blog: Weather Or Not

The last game I attended it snowed. That was two weeks ago


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Twins Blog: No Jinxing!

The WCCO-TV Newsroom is more superstitious than most baseball teams.


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Twins Blog: It’s Lew Ford Appreciation Day!

It’s time to take this day away from all the slackers and haters. It’s time to focus on what is really important: Lew Ford’s contribution to the Minnesota Twins.


(credit: AP/Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Twins Blog: My Perfect Twins Moment

It didn’t happen during any of the division clinchers. It wasn’t at any of the playoff games. It wasn’t game 163. My perfect Twins moment happened last night.


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Twins Blog: Losing To New York

It always hurts a little bit more losing there. Today it hurt a lot.


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Twins Blog: Jump Back On!

Hey Minnesota Fans. The Twins won a game. It’s time to jump back on the Twins Wagon!


(credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Twins Blog: Who Cares About Predictions?

Sports Illustrated released their MLB 2011 Predictions today and I almost like what I see.


(credit: Nicole Lind)

Twins Blog: O Twins Tree!

Starting Monday the Twins are auctioning off one of the center field trees from last season! These distracting naturally green beauties were removed after last season because they made it hard for the batters to see the ball.


(credit: CBS)

Twins Blog: Spring Envy

The Twins are just one day away from the start of full-squad workouts. Everyone has arrived and by all accounts is ready to rock.


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Twins Blog: Time For Them To Report…Time For Us To Wish

THIS is the most wonderful time of the year. Fans everywhere are working on their wish lists of what they’d like to see out of their favorite teams this season.