Kimmel, Gervais & Other Celebrities Respond To Cecil The Lion's DeathThe story of a Minnesota dentist who allegedly poached a beloved lion in Zimbabwe has sparked an international reaction.
Reality Check: Is Jesse Ventura ‘Controversial’? Former Gov. Jesse Ventura's defamation trial had a day off in St. Paul federal court Friday after a week of surprising revelations. Among them, Ventura testified in court that he doesn't know if he's controversial, or if he says anything provocative.
10-22-13 Piers Morgan Of CNN Joins The Morning News With Dave LeeHis New Book, Shooting Straight is now out at bookstores.
John Ziegler vs Piers MorganJohn Ziegler will join Chad to discuss his movie, "Framing Paterno". He joined Piers Morgan Monday night and things got testy.
Fallon Doing Some Great Impressions
Chris Christie In 2016
Ted Nugent Has Angry Interview With Piers Morgan On CNNRocker and activist Ted Nugent got angry about gun control in an interview with Piers Morgan last night.
Reality Check: Pawlenty's 'I'm Running' GaffeDid former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty announce his presidential bid on CNN Tuesday night? And why does it matter?
Pawlenty Says 'I'm Running;' Campaign Downplays ItFormer Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty may be running for president, but he's not ready to be official about it.
Flying To Minnesota, Piers Morgan Discovers WinterTV personality Piers Morgan knows America's Got Talent. Now he knows Minnesota's got snow.
Howard Stern Rips LenoHoward Stern was on Piers Morgan's new show last night and had some less-than-flattering remarks for Jay Leno. We've got a link to the video.

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