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Minn. Lawmaker Aims To Plan For Federal Insolvency

A Minnesota lawmaker wants the state to make plans in case the federal government goes bust.


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Top Lawmakers: Vikings Stadium Secondary To Budget

A plan to build a new Minnesota Vikings stadium has found few cheerleaders at the Capitol, where legislative leaders from both parties said Friday the stadium push must take a backseat to the state’s budget problems.


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Dayton Tries To Reignite Minn. Public Works Plan

Gov. Mark Dayton is working to renew interest in a $1 billion plan for publicly financed building projects in Minnesota, saying the construction industry faces an “emergency situation.”


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Republican House Plan Chops Local Aid

A new plan from Republicans in the Minnesota House would cut $746 million from money the state sends to local governments, with much of it coming from Minneapolis, St. Paul, and their suburbs.


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Minn. Tax Plan Raises Question: What’s Rich?

Lisa MacMartin says she and her husband are well-off. Greg Ferguson thinks he and MacMartin are members of the upper middle class. Just don’t call them rich.


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Gov. Dayton Wants To Tax Wealthy To Fix MN’s Deficit

About half of Gov. Mark Dayton’s plan to fix the state’s budget deficit comes from higher income taxes on the wealthy, a plan he described Tuesday as one that would “keep my promises I made to the people of Minnesota last fall.”




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