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Reality Check: North Dakota’s Property Tax Vote

Voters in North Dakota get a chance Tuesday to do something no state has ever done before: Not just lower property taxes, but abolish them. It’s a bold move, but critics say it will throw the state into chaos.


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Minn. House Passes GOP Business Tax Elimination

The Minnesota has passed a Republican-sponsored bill to reduce and ultimately eliminate state property taxes on businesses, but which Democrats criticized for shifting money away from a tax credit for renters.


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Reality Check: Behind The Price Hike Of Property Taxes

Got your property tax bill yet? Get ready for some sticker shock.


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Voting Today Could Impact Schools, Your Taxes

Voters heading to the polls Tuesday will be making decisions about their local schools and their own taxes.


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Report: Expect Higher Property Taxes Next Year

Everyone can expect to pay more in property taxes next year, according to a new report by the non-profit think tank Minnesota 2020.


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Dem Lawmakers Want To Bring Back Minn. Tax Credit

Two Democratic state lawmakers say the elimination of a homestead tax credit as part of Minnesota’s deficit fix will hurt property tax payers.


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St. Paul Mayor: Aid Cuts Means Higher Property Taxes

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said cuts in state aid will lead to higher property taxes in his city. On Monday, he said he’s calling for a 6 1/2 percent hike in his new budget.


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Minn. Senate Tax Bill Has Tax Breaks For Business

The simmering debate at Minnesota’s Capitol over the balance between providing government services and encouraging economic growth flared in the Senate on Tuesday, as Republicans passed a tax bill they said would make the state a better place to do business.


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Tensions High As Mpls. Approves 2011 Budget

Despite the cold temperatures, tensions were hot at a property tax meeting Monday night in Minneapolis. After a long, heated meeting, the Minneapolis City Council voted to approve the 2011 city budget just after midnight.


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Mpls. Proposes Cuts To Stop Property Taxes From Rising

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and two city council members are proposing deeper budget cuts to keep people’s taxes from climbing even higher.


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Property Taxes Up, Home Values Down For Some

Homeowners might have had a little “sticker shock” when they opened up their tax bill for next year. The value of some homes might have gone down or just stayed the same, but taxes went up.




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