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Ride Along

Distracted Driving

Behind The Wheel With Police: Catching Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving has been called a national epidemic. The problem is considered so bad, there’s now a push in Washington to adopt a national ban on texting while driving.


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Riding Along With FedEx During The Busiest Time Of Year

FedEx employees are working hard, hustling to get out holiday packages.


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Ride Along: What Do Troopers Look For On DWI Patrol?

As your night is filled with trick-or-treaters, the roadways are filled with state troopers.


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A Closer Look At The Dangers State Troopers Face

As tough as this winter’s been on Minnesota citizens, it’s been especially rough on the Minnesota State Patrol. So far this winter, more than 30 troopers have been hurt responding to calls.