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Metrodome Open House Offers Pieces Of Fallen Roof

Thousands of Minnesota sports fans have added an unusual specimen to their memorabilia collections.


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Metrodome Open To Public This Weekend

The Metrodome will be back in business this weekend and the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission is hosting an open house to celebrate.


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Mpls. Police: Burglar Falls Off Roof, Breaks Pelvis

Police in Minneapolis said a man who broke into a business last week, fell off a roof and broke his pelvis.


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Metrodome Roof Replacement About 80 Percent Done

Work on replacing the roof that collapsed at the Metrodome in Minneapolis last winter is about 80 percent complete.


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Family Lives In House, But Not Under A Roof After Tornado

One family in North Minneapolis is living under a tarp after Sunday’s deadly tornado ripped half the roof off their home.


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New Metrodome Roof Replacement Starts Friday

The Metrodome’s new fabric roof has arrived and replacing the torn roof will begin on Friday.


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Metrodome Cranks The Heat To Deal With Roof’s Snow

When the snow fell in mid-December, the Metrodome roof came down. When the snow fell this weekend, the Metrodome heat went up.


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Weekend Ice Dam Problems Too Much To Handle?

There aren’t enough contractors in the state to deal with the ice dam problems that will hit Minnesotans this weekend.


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Is Your Roof Safe From Snow Collapse?

With a shovel in hand, Jose Salazar has all he can handle, scraping and heaving away three feet of drifted snow from an Eagan rooftop. He’s supervising one of 10 crews that Sela Roofing has working all around the Twin Cities, dealing with heavy snow and ice dams.


The Metrodome roof as it was the morning of Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010. (credit: CBS)

Dome Stabilized, Uncertainty On When It Will Open

The roof of the Metrodome is now stable, after another panel gave way under the weight of snow and ice. The question of when the dome will be ready for events is still up in the air, however.


Good Question: How Much Snow Can Our Roofs Handle?

After watching video of the Metrodome’s roof collapsing about a million times it’s made a lot of you ask about your own roof.


Cameras were rolling when the Metrodome roof collapsed early Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010. (credit: FOX Sports)

Metrodome Roof Collapses

Here’s our link to the video of the Dome’s roof collapsing: You can view it by clicking here…




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