The Last Time 2 Senate Seats And Governor Were Up For Grabs: 1978If Sen. Al Franken resigns, Minnesotans could elect two senators and the governor in 2018. That hasn't happened in 40 years.
Pie Capitol Of MN Devotes Day To The Dessert WCCO was talking pie Saturday and there's one town that does pie better than anyone else. Braham, Minn. has been designated the pie capitol of Minnesota. WCCO's Kim Johnson followed her sweet tooth about an hour north of the Twin Cities to find out why.
Wahl, 1st Woman On Minn. Supreme Court, DiesRosalie Wahl, the first woman to serve on the Minnesota Supreme Court, died Monday at age 88. Wahl was remembered by many as a remarkable jurist whose accomplishments paved the way for other women and whose deep commitment to justice formed the heart of her work.
John Williams 2013 Bracket Challenge-"Top Historical Political Figure In Minnesota History." Humphrey Regional, Sweet Sixteen MatchupsFinal Four in this Regional......Winners announced Monday afternoon!
John Williams 2013 Bracket Battle. MOST IMPORTANT POLITICAL FIGURE IN MINNESOTA HISTORY....Opening Round Games-HUMPHREY REGIONALThe First 8 Contestants in the Bracket Battle...
Reality Check: One-Party Control Voters gave Democrats one-party control of the Minnesota statehouse for the first time in a generation.
Looking Back: Mark Rosen Runs For Governor, Changes MN Politics Politics have changed a bit since 1986. Back then, we didn't have social media, the Internet or very many third-party candidates. So on the eve of this year's election, we look back at an unusual one.
Helen Meyer Stepping Down From Minn. Supreme Court Associate Justice Helen Meyer said Thursday she's stepping down from the Minnesota Supreme Court, giving Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton his first chance to make an appointment to the conservative-leaning high court.

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