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Man Faces 6 Felony Charges In St. Paul Park Standoff

Nicholas Adam Kluessendorf, 22, faces three counts of attempted first-degree murder and three counts of assault in the first degree.


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Mankato Businesses Look Forward to Training Camp

It has been a big week of football news in Minnesota and, as a result, there’s a lot of hype in Mankato this week as the community prepares for the 46th annual Vikings Training Camp.


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State Park Reservation Record Broken

The end of the state government shutdown may have led to the shattering of an old record, as Minnesotans flocked to make state park reservations.


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St. Paul Teen Gives Horrifying Account Of Being Set On Fire

A 19-year-old St. Paul man said that he thought his mother’s boyfriend was trying to burn him alive.


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Eagan: Keep Pets Indoors, Coyotes Are About

We’re often reminded to keep an eye on our pets, but after two cats were recently killed by coyotes, Eagan residents are being told to just keep their pets inside.


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Lottery Sales Resume Without A Drastic Increase

Lottery ticket sales are now back to normal after the government shutdown, but so far sales haven’t picked up dramatically.


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Study: Tan People Appear More Attractive

For years people have been warned about the risks associated with excessive sun exposure but new research shows those who appear tanner may have an advantage after all.


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Just 2 Minutes of Activity Can Help Ease Office Pains

Office jobs do have perks, such as climate control on those hot and cold Minnesota days. But sitting at a desk in front of a computer isn’t always healthy. However, a recent study shows just two minutes of daily exercise can provide “office pain” relief.


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I-35W Bridge To Glow In Rainbow Colors For Pride Festival

The Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River will be getting a festive makeover for Twin Cities Pride this weekend.


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Good Jobs Tour Kicks Off In Minneapolis

Congressman Keith Ellison and the rest of the Progressive Caucus launched their “Speak Out for Good Jobs Now Tour” in Minneapolis Saturday.


Mall of America (credit: Timo Gans/AFP/Getty Images)

Hundreds Of Job Seekers Gather At The Mall Of America

Hennepin County is hosting their third annual South Metro Job Fair at the Mall of America rotunda on Wednesday.


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Shutdown Would Separate Parents From Children

For weeks, everyone has been talking about the possible Minnesota government shutdown on July 1. For most, a shutdown would be an inconvenience. For some, it would be the loss of a job. But for some families, a shutdown means separation.


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Pulte Plans To Build Homes In 5 Metro Neighborhoods

Though residential construction is at its lowest level in decades, one development company has plans to build 208 new houses in the metro’s inner-ring this year.


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Hundreds Participate In Bike Walk To Work Day

Whether it’s a regular occurrence or something their trying out for the first time this week, hundreds of Minnesotans are taking part in Bike Walk to Work Day.


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Hole In One Earns Cash Prize But Ends Senior Season

A Coon Rapids High School senior won a nice chunk of change after acing the eighth hole at Majestic Oaks in Ham Lake but as a result his high school golf career is over.





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