A Look At St. Paul Skyway ArtIt would be an exaggeration to say that St. Paul’s skyway is like a real life M.C. Escher image, but some pedestrians just may think of this artist’s particularly mind-bending architectural images when walking down a hallway that just ends; St. Paul skyway explorers will inevitably find themselves being forced to retrace their steps back to the main tributary to try other paths.
Art On The Skyways: Part 4In this new installment of our guide to the art on the skyways, we take a look at more inspiring sculptures and other works of art.
Art On The Skyways: Part 3On the skyway level of the 501 Marquette building -- also known as The Soo Line Building -- is a squared-off section of ceiling hollowed out above a staircase. The hollow comes to a dome shape and all four sides feature the Minneapolis skyline in pastel tones.
Art On The Skyways: Part 2Last month, we featured a guide to some of our favorite works of art displayed in Minneapolis' skyway system,</a> but there's more art to explore. We take a look at four more inspiring pieces.
A Guide To Art On The SkywaysIt's true that Minnesota has a reputation for being a perfect place to explore the great outdoors, but only to a point. Sub-zero degree windchills in the winter and overbearing heat and humidity in the summer tend to make many locals second-guess living here.

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