Spring Flooding

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Stillwater Begins Sandbagging

With spring flooding closing in, the City of Stillwater is looking for volunteers to help fill sandbags.


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Time Is Running Out To Get Flood Insurance

As the spring flooding season quickly approaches, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is reminding people to prepare for the event.


Red River

Fargo-Moorhead Stores Stocking For Flood Fight

While cities in the Fargo-Moorhead area are preparing for likely spring flooding with activities like sandbag-filling, hardware stores are stocking shelves with flood-fighting gear and cleanup supplies.


Fargo Flooding

Bad News In Latest Spring Flooding Forecast

After our week of melting, the chances Minnesota will be seeing major flooding this spring is growing greater. The National Weather Service put out a new flood forecast Thursday that increases the odds on all major river systems.


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Odds Of Major Red River Flooding In Fargo Increase

The National Weather Service on Thursday slightly increased its estimated odds for major flooding along the Red River in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota, despite a period of little precipitation in the area.


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Weather Service: Spring Flooding Likely

The National Weather Service is predicting a high likelihood of significant flooding along much of the upper Mississippi River this spring.


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Minnesota On Guard For Possible Flooding

Officials say there’s a potential for serious flooding in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota this spring.


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Officials: Potential For Serious Flooding This Spring

Officials say there’s a potential for serious flooding in the Twin Cities area and across Minnesota this spring.


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Spring Flooding Concerns Arise A Month Into Winter

Our Minnesota Winter is less than a month old but the National Weather Service is already concerned about spring flooding.