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Minn. To Allow Cameras In Some Civil Cases

Cameras will be allowed to cover civil cases in Minnesota courtrooms under a new order from the state Supreme Court.


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MN Supreme Court: Stray Voltage Case Can Proceed

A Minnesota farmer who believes stray voltage killed hundreds of his cows and affected milk production can sue for damages in state court.


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Court: Medical Residents Considered Employees

The Supreme Court says medical residents should be considered employees when it comes to collecting Social Security taxes.


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High Court Will Review Climate Change Lawsuit

In a new case about climate change, the Supreme Court will hear an appeal from electric utilities that are trying to short-circuit an effort by states to force cuts in power plant emissions.


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MN Justices Deny GOP Effort To Change Vote Tally

The Minnesota Supreme Court has denied a push by Republican Tom Emmer to force a pre-recount comparison of signed polling place rosters and vote tallies in the governor’s race.


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Good To Know: The Story Of Snyder Vs. Phelps

The United States Supreme Court has taken a case that pits two competing and important interests. The decision they will make in the case will be historic, one way or the other. Tonight, Don tells us the story of “Snyder V. Phelps.”


Murder Conviction Upheld

The Minnesota Supreme Court has upheld the first-degree murder conviction of a man in the killing of a worker at Blue Mounds State Park near Luverne.


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