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Which MN Town Has The Best Drinking Water?

Which Minnesota town boasts the best glass of water? Duluth, apparently, as the northern Minnesota town came in first at the MN American Water Works Association’s Annual Conference, taking the 2013 Best in Glass title in Tuesday’s drinking water taste test.


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Pink Tap Water Unnerves St. Michael Residents

Residents expecting crystal clear water to come from their taps were concerned when they instead saw a pink liquid flowing into their sink basins.


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White Bear Lake’s Water Levels Linked To Tap Water?

It’s been mystifying residents and scientists for a number of years: Where is all the water going in White Bear Lake? While there are no simple answers, those studying the problem believe they’ve found a cause — but it won’t be easy to fix.


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Foley Lifts Boil Order For Tap Water

Homes and businesses in Foley are back to using water right out of the tap after another round of testing found no E. coli in the city water supply.


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Group Wants Minnesota Back On Tap … Water

On World Water Day, some people want Minnesota to get off the bottle — the water bottle.