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Water Level, Debris Make Minnehaha Creek Unsafe For Paddlers

You may have to change your Memorial Day weekend plans if they include canoeing or kayaking down Minnehaha Creek. The recent rain caused high levels on Lake Minnetonka. As a result, water is being released into the creek to lower it. The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District warns the release is causing unsafe conditions.


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Relentless Rains Restore Minnesota Rivers, Lakes

Minnesota is inching closer to the rainfall record for May. That’s a good thing for Minnesota’s rivers.


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Minneapolis Cracks Down On Shoveling Scofflaws

Not everyone is doing a good job keeping their sidewalks clear of all of the snow we’ve gotten this winter.


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Giving Crimes A Second Look

There’s a new effort in Ramsey County to make more lawbreakers pay for their crimes.


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Spring Flooding Worries Mount

As the snow continues to pile up in the Twin Cities, forecasters are getting more worried about the potential for spring flooding.


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Twin Cities Inches Closer To Snowfall Record

With how this winter is going, it could be a record breaker for total snowfall in the Twin Cities.


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Realtors Groups: Better Times Ahead

Twin Cities realtors are expecting a modest improvement in the market this year.


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Polaris Pull Out Prompts Push Back

There’s a new coalition of business and community leaders aimed at preserving jobs in western Wisconsin. It’s called “Vision 600” and has the goal of creating 600 job opportunities in the region over the next two years.


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Teachers’ Union Recommends Reforms

Minnesota’s influential state teachers union says it wants to shrink the state’s achievement gap by shrinking class sizes and focusing on early childhood education for future students.


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2 Children Approached By Strangers In Maplewood

Maplewood Police are investigating two reports of children being approached by strangers in the past 24 hours.


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Snow Plows Geared Up For Round-The-Clock Work

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is taking forecasts of a snowstorm Saturday seriously.


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Lori Swanson Sues Discover Over Charges

Putting purchases onto plastic is a way of life in our consumer-driven society. And of all the credit cards issued, one-in-four Americans has the card “that pays to Discover.” The Delaware-based credit card company reported a 2009 net income of $1.3 billion.


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Minnesota Lawmakers Prepare To Tackle Budget

Minnesota’s deficit for the upcoming budget cycle has grown to $6.2 billion. On the flip side, the state has a $399 million surplus in the current budget year, which ends in June.


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Immigration Raids Prompt Outcry

Union leaders are speaking out against so-called “desktop raids” at two companies in South St. Paul.


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Recount Redux: Sorting Ballots In Gov. Race

Election officials around Minnesota are cracking the seals on ballot boxes as they launch a recount in the state’s governor’s race.


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Minn. Lawmaker Wants To Ban Synthetic Marijuana

A Minnesota state senator wants to crack down on fake marijuana sold as herbal incense but potentially more dangerous.


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Cash Awards For Top Teachers

Two Twin Cities teachers received the “Oscars of teaching” in separate school ceremonies Tuesday.


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Posthumous Award Given To Twin Cities WWII Vet

On Veterans Day, a long overdue honor was given to a Twin Cities woman who served as a pilot during World War II. Sen. Amy Klobuchar presented the Congressional Gold Medal to Jean Roberts at Catholic Elder Care in Minneapolis.


U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. (credit: Astrid Riecken/Getty Images)

Klobuchar Focuses On Phone Scams

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is urging the federal government to crack down on “cramming,” the practice of third parties putting unauthorized charges on a person’s phone bill.


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