The King’s Speech

(credit: The Weinstein Company)

Movie Blog: Oscar Pool Cheat Sheet

Still haven’t knocked down all 10 of Oscar’s best picture nominees? Never fear. There’s still plenty of time to get them all in before the the Oscars are handed out on Sunday evening. But it will take some stamina.


(credit: The Weinstein Company)

Minn. Residents Who Stutter Praise ‘King’s Speech’

In the opening scene of “The King’s Speech,” Prince Albert of Britain is supposed to give the closing address at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley on Oct. 31, 1925.



Movie Blog: ‘King’s Speech’ Leads Oscar Nods

Up until now, most of the conversation when it comes to Oscars has been centered around The Social Network, the movie that everyone and their mother “knows” is “The Best Movie Of The Year.”