Unemployment Rate

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Minnesota Unemployment Steady In First Figures For 2015

Minnesota’s unemployment rate was largely stable in the first figures covering 2015. The labor force participation rate and the employment-to-population ratio ticked up in January as unemployment held at 3.7 percent.


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Minn. Unemployment Rate Drops Despite Job Losses

Minnesota’s unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level in more than 13 years even though more than 5,000 jobs were lost in December.


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Teen Unemployment Down, Summer Job Outlook Positive

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development officials say the summer job outlook for teens is looking pretty good this year. DEED Jobs Analyst Oriane Casale says the unemployment rate for teens in Minnesota is down substantially from the last two years.


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Minn. January Unemployment Rate At 4.7 Percent

Minnesota’s unemployment rate remained at 4.7 percent in January, with employers adding 600 new jobs. The Department of Employment and Economic Development says Thursday that January’s figure was unchanged from the seasonally adjusted revised rate of 4.7 percent.


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Jobless Rate In Minneapolis Lowest Among Large U.S. Cities

Unemployment rates rose in nearly all large U.S. cities in June as college graduates and many of those still in school began searching for jobs. The unemployment rate in Minneapolis was 5.1 percent, the lowest among the large cities.


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Unemployment Rates Released For MN’s Young Adults

A new report shows the unemployment rate for young adults in Minnesota is exceedingly high and is about twice the state overall average.


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Wisconsin Unemployment Rate Drops To 7.3 Percent

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has dropped to 7.3 percent for September.


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Minnesota’s Unemployment Rate Drops To 5.8 Percent In September

The state’s unemployment rate dropped a tenth of a point to 5.8 percent in September, a full two percentage points better than the national rate.


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Minn. Jobless Rate Ticks Down To 5.8 Percent

Minnesota’s unemployment rate remains a full two percentage points better than the national average.


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Reality Check: The Jobs Numbers

Republicans are crying “foul” over new jobs numbers showing the unemployment rate dropping to 7.8 percent – the lowest rate since President Obama took office.


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Minn. Jobless Rate Edges Up As Jobs Cut In March

Minnesota’s unemployment rate has clocked in at a seasonally adjusted 5.8 percent for March, which remains well below the rate this time last year and the national average.


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As Unemployment Rate Drops, Extended Benefits Get Cut

Minnesota’s economy is bouncing back as it added nearly 8,000 jobs in January.


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Minn. Unemployment Rate Dips Again To 5.9 Percent

Minnesota’s unemployment took another big drop in November to 5.9 percent, state officials calculated Thursday.


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Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.6 Percent

With the unemployment rate falling from 9 percent to 8.6 percent, the good news has many people wondering if things are finally looking up.


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Minnesota Unemployment Rate Drops In October

Minnesota’s unemployment rate continued its slow decrease in October.


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MN Rep. At Jobs Hearing In Las Vegas

Three Republican congressmen are due in Las Vegas to talk about improving federal job training programs in the state dealing with the highest unemployment rate in the nation.


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Employment Commissioner: ‘MN Lacks Job Growth’

The latest report on job growth in the state of Minnesota shows lack thereof.


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Local Expert Surprised By Unemployment Rate

The nation’s unemployment rate climbed to 9.8 percent in November, a seven-month high. A local expert was surprised.


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Minnesota Jobless Rate Holds Steady In September

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) Minnesota’s unemployment rate didn’t budge from 7 percent last month as employers cut almost 10,000 jobs. Figures released Thursday by the state Department of Employment and Economic Development showed that the […]