Waiting for Superman

John Williams 9-29

BooGate is taking over the Dancing With the Stars show  Susie Jones and John talk about the movie Waiting for Superman  Should a pizza delivery person be allowed to conceal and carry?  Are the rich […]


One of the students in "Waiting for Superman" puts the pencil to work. (credit: Paramount Pictures)

Movie Blog: Twin Cities Film Fest Opens Tonight

This evening marks the opening of the first annual Twin Cities Film Fest, not to be confused with the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, which runs each spring. (If this new fest really gets off the ground, the two will make for a great set of seasonal bookends.)


John Williams 9-28

The movie Waiting for Superman is making a lot of noise and it hasn’t even opened yet  What are the proper ways to sext?  Why are some texting laws making the roads more dangerous?  US […]