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Target’s Website Crashes

Sometimes, a fashion launch is just too enticing. Target Inc.’s entire website crashed Tuesday, the day the cheap chic retailer launched the online sale of its limited offerings of Missoni for Target.


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St. Cloud Man Gets Dream Car For $563 In Penny Auction

A brand new 2012 Mustang usually goes for more than $30,000, but a Minnesota man just drove away with his dream car for pennies on the dollar.


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Website Preys On Those Seeking Passports, Legal Docs

Somebody is preying on those who are looking to become U.S. citizens.


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Office Gossip For Profit

One St. Paul entrepreneur has figured out a way to make money off of office gossip. Ryan Masanz has a new website, Check out the story.


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New Website Helps Crime Victims Track Offenders

Victims of crime often feel forgotten, after the criminal has been locked up and officials move on to other cases.


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Website Lets Moms Swap Stuff They No Longer Need

A popular website lets parents get rid of their kids’ stuff they no longer need and trade it in for something they can really use.


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New Minn. Website Bares Info On Health Plans

A new level of detail about nonprofit health plans that get more than $3 billion in annual state business is now online.


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Mpls. Company Starts Sophia, A New Educational Website

Have you met Sophia yet? It’s not a woman, but a website created by a Minneapolis start-up.


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New Minneapolis Database To Find Dangerous Dogs

Nineteen dogs declared dangerous by the city of Minneapolis now have their photos, names, home addresses and offenses posted on a public website.



Is There A Link Between Social Networking And Depression?

Facebook, MySpace and Twitter — most of us are on at least one. In fact, social networking has become such a part of our lives that there was even a movie made about it. Now, several new studies suggest that sites that are supposed to keep you connected, can actually leave you feeling depressed.


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Is Your Personal Information On This Website?

If you haven’t been concerned about what you post on the Internet, you might want to pay close attention to this story. There is a website out there that puts all of your personal information on one website.


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New Website Gives A Face For Every Traffic Death

A new website by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety is geared towards lowering the number of traffic related deaths in Minnesota.


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