Snow Year’s Resolution

It looks like we may enter 2012 with a little bit of the fluffy white stuff on the ground. Check out Matt Brickman’s morning forecast.


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Regions: Top Baby Names Of 2011

Get ready to meet a lot of little Sophia’s and Jayden’s. They topped the list as the most popular baby names for 2011 at The Birth Center at Regions Hospital. Other that made the cut? […]


Video: Baby Polar Bear’s Blue Hat

With my last post for The Wire, I couldn’t resist posting about my favorite subject – bears!



Kelly Clarkson Endorses Ron Paul, Backlash Ensues

“The first “American Idol” has announced who she wants to be the next American president. Her choice isn’t helping her approval ratings.” [HuffPost]


Video: Dog Really Hates Christmas Gift

This dog is just as bad as a kid… and just as vocal about his dislike of his new Christmas bone.


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Bradley Cooper Is Dating …

Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper are heating things up as the weather cools down, and they’re just about ready to start spreading the news. [NY Daily News]


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Microsoft’s Year In Review

Check out this report card for Microsoft’s 2011 moves. Some were ranked smart, others were ranked dumb. [Information Week]


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Foods For Brain Health

Eating a diet rich in certain vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids and low in trans fats may be best for brain health, new research suggests. [CBS News]


Remembering Those Lost In 2011

We lost athletes, artists and innovators this year. Take a look back at a remembrance video above.


Bachelor Farmer Is ‘Restaurant Of The Year’

The Star Tribune has called Bachelor Farmer the restaurant of the year. It’s owned by Gov. Mark Dayton’s sons Andrew and Eric, and it’s been winning raves since it opened in the North Loop of […]


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Your Best Bet Against Food Poisoning

… is something you very likely already have in your home. It’s your automated dishwasher, which has the power to sanitize everything in it. [Yahoo! Shine]


Spider Cat Climbs Walls

Spider cat, spider cat — look out here comes spider cat. A cat will do anything for a laser pointer — even climb walls.


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Women Leaving The Workplace For Higher Education

The job market is looking a little more masculine these days, at least to judge from a recent New York Times article. Women are leaving the workforce in higher numbers in order to pursue higher […]


Worst. National. Anthem. Ever.

Someone was way off key when this band in the video above played the National Anthem at a game in Iowa. Could this be the worst anthem ever?


(Photo: Warner Bros.)

2011’s Most Pirated Movies

As Gawker said, the most-pirated movies of the year are mostly … completely and totally horrible! Good job, Internet geeks with terrible taste in movies. [Los Angeles Times]





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