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News Radio 830 WCCO Presents A Conversation with Thomas Jefferson

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WCCO Radio’s John Williams and Clay Jenkinson as the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, invite you to treat yourself to the living, breathing thoughts of the author of the Declaration of Independence.   Get your tickets to this special event on November 9, in the 3M auditorium at the Minnesota History Center.  Presented by Popp Communications.

Thomas Jefferson will come to life in an inspiring form.  You will get the opportunity to see how America began and how we are doing with the founding fathers vision of our country over 225 years later. A live, spontaneous, compelling, and thoroughly enjoyable program.

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Show Date:  November 9, 2013
Show Time:  10:00 a.m. SOLD OUT

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Ticket Price:  $20

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WCCO Radio’s John Williams will interview Thomas Jefferson on the 3M Auditorium stage November 9.   President Jefferson (as portrayed by author/historian Clay Jenkinson) will discuss current events from the eyes of one of our founding fathers.  The two will talk about guns, gays, taxes, stadiums, church, state, Michele Bachmann and President Obama.  John will also ask about Mr. Jefferson’s  personal finances, love life and Sally Hemmings, subjects the author of the Declaration of Independence will try to avoid.

You and your questions are invited to this unique, compelling and sometimes humorous program.

Thomas Jefferson On What Makes A Good President

Thomas Jefferson On Government Taxes

Thomas Jefferson On Movies