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Best Bets For Donuts In The Twin Cities

June 22, 2011 6:45 AM

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Craving warm, flaky donuts? We’ve rounded up some of the best donuts in the Twin Cities. These spots will have you coming back for more of these sweet, satisfying, hole-y treats.

grannydonuts Best Bets For Donuts In The Twin Cities

(credit: Granny Donuts website)

Granny Donuts

1555 Robert Street South
West St. Paul, MN
Hours: Opens at Dawn, Closing Times Vary
Directory Listing

Many believe that the best donuts are from small, family-owned businesses and Granny Donuts is proof. Maybe it’s all the love baked right into those delicious, flaky treats? Located in West St. Paul, we’ve previously listed this charming spot as one of our Favorite Neighborhood Gems and we stand by it. Their donuts are baked fresh daily, and come out light and fluffy—just the way we like it. Best-sellers include the lemon bismarks and Devil’s Food chocolate iced donuts but try the apple fritters, too.

yoyo Best Bets For Donuts In The Twin Cities

(credit: YoYo Donuts website)

YoYo Donuts

5757 Sanibel Drive
Minnetonka, MN
Hours: 6 a.m-4 p.m. (Sundays, 7 a.m.-12 p.m.)

The donuts at YoYo are not only pillowy soft, they’re so pretty they are practically edible works of art. We love their cake and yeast-raised donuts but their specialty pastries (Maple Bacon Long Johns, Fresh Hot Caramel Rolls) also get rave reviews. Bring a box of these donuts to the office and watch them disappear in minutes. Their Dogwood Coffee Company coffee drinks go pretty well with these baked goodies. And enjoy their free Wi-Fi!

chefshack Best Bets For Donuts In The Twin Cities

(credit: Chef Shack website)

Chef Shack

Mill City Farmers Market
704 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN
(and other locations)

Are mini donuts more your thing? One of our Favorite Food Trucks, Chef Shack’s signature Indian-spiced organic mini doughnuts have been called by happy eaters and Web reviewers as “doughy balls of joy.” And we might just have to agree. Light, fluffy, and flavorful (the blend of cinnamon and spices give the donuts that kick without being too overpowering), these are the perfect snacks. The truck rolls into the Mill City Farmers Market and Fulton Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, and the Kingfield Farmer’s Market on Sundays, so keep an eye out.

sarahjanes Best Bets For Donuts In The Twin Cities

(credit: Sarah Jane's Bakery website)

Sarah Jane’s Bakery

2853 Johnson Street NE
Minneapolis, MN
Hours: Mon-Fri 5 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat, 5 a.m.–3 p.m; Sun-Closed
612-789 2827
Directory Listing

If you have a sweet tooth, Sarah Jane’s is paradise. Cookies, pies, cakes, cream puffs, rolls and other pastries are on the menu, but the donuts are the crowd pleasers. The glazed doughnuts (plain or chocolate) practically melt in your mouth, and the crunchy doughnut holes are a delight. No wonder this place has been a Minneapolis favorite for years.

abakerswife Best Bets For Donuts In The Twin Cities

(credit: A Baker's Wife Facebook page)

A Baker’s Wife

4200 28th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
Hours: Tue-Sat 6:30 a.m; Sun 6:30 a.m.–3 p.m.
Directory Listing

We included A Baker’s Wife in our list of Best Bread Shops in the Twin Cities, but this shop also gets a shout-out as one of our favorite places for donuts. Why? They’re just perfection in a doughy, sweet circle. The cinnamon and sugar donuts are our favorites. Freshly baked, dense and cakey, they’re also of the not-too-sweet variety. Even non-donut fans will be converted. Bring a box to a party or to the office, and you just might be getting grateful pats on the back.

What are your favorite places for donuts in the Twin Cities? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • ah-ha

    Sunrise Donuts on Lyndale in Bloomington. Best cruellers ever! Apple fitter are also amazing.

    • Katie

      So true, even just the raised glazed and cake varieties are amazing!

  • donut lover

    CAFE DONUTS that used to be in Columbia Heights but has recently moved to Champlin has the best donuts in town. In addition, their apple fritter is as big as your head for under a dollar!

  • Jean

    WOW, nothing for St. Paul? Do we not have a place here that will gives us a great doughnut without it being a gas station???

    • Victim mentality

      Tio Santiago on Whitebear Ave (Hillcrest Plaza area) has fantastic pastries. Not donuts, per se, but better!

    • Quit Complaining

      Isn’t West St. Paul part of St. Paul??

    • Debbie

      Right Jean, i don’t know of even one in saint paul!

      • Joe

        I think there is a shop on Selby,,,great bakery

  • Ruth

    The Baker’s Wife is fantastic, good call!

    • Bickidan

      That’s for sure! I’m a South Carolina transplant and I’m HOOKED on A Baker’s Wife. Others in my neighborhood include Patisserie 46 (donuts?) and let’s not forget Kowalski’s!

  • Erinn

    Jean did you read the first shop on the list?

  • Twin Cities Donut

    Check out for the full list of donut shopes in the twin cities

  • JIM

    How about Jack’s bakery in Brooklyn Park?

    • Sara

      Jack’s Bakery is the best! I don’t even like donuts, but Jack’s marble glazed are heavenly.

  • Alex

    Heights Bakery in Columbia Heights has some of the best doughnuts I have ever had!

  • Nancy Aleshire

    Wuollet’s Bakery in Robbinsdale has some excellent cupcakes and I’m sure they have donuts, as well. Top off your trip with a visit to Hackenmueller Meats. These two spots bring back memories for those growing up with neighborhood bakeries and butcher shops.

  • snowman

    These are just your opinions

  • MISS YA!!!!

    KRISPY KREAM!!!!????

  • Greg

    Valley Pastries in Golden Valley is in my top 3. They have my favorite chocolate bavarian cream.

  • David

    When it is my turn to bring donuts to my work’s Friday morning Donut Club, I always head out to A Baker’s Wife and I always get props. In my opinion, nothing else even comes close.

  • Hedda Lettuce

    even after being closed for years, the lone donut in the towle building skyway (minneapolis) is still the best!!!

  • Early Riser

    Denny’s Bakery off Portland on American Blvd is GREAT! They have an amazing selection of pastries. The donut holes are huge, at least 3 bites! They have amazing things at Christmas, the best cookies that I don’t make myself. Also they open at 5am for us zombies that have to work early?!?

  • St. Anthony Mom

    I can’t believe three bakeries were not included in your list of best donuts. Our family are donut connoisseurs and we have a few more to add to your list. Mello Glaze for the best raised donuts and is located in Minneapolis. Heights Bakery in Columbia Heights , as Alex commented ,has so many tasty bakery treats especially on Saturday that it is really hard to choose, but they have by far the best cake donuts ever ! Lastly, worth the drive, is Lindstrom Bakery in Lindstrom MN., for wonderful crispy old fashioned donuts. Try them you won’t be disappointed !!!

  • Leslie

    Maple-BACON long johns!!! *hitting the nearest wall in a drooling seizure of culinary euphoria*

  • 1Mom2Boys

    We love going to Granny Donuts…they’re so nice there! My boys always get extra donut holes. :)

    Also, it’s a bit of a drive, but Emily’s Bakery in Hastings is quite good too!!

  • Worth the Drive

    Tobies in Hinckley. We have all seen the gas station right off 35 half way to Duluth. The best part is they wheel the pastries over to the gas station fresh all day from the restaurant. Quick, easy and tasty pit stop!

  • Ray

    Cafe Donuts in Champlin has the best donuts in town. Their vanilla cream and apple fritters are my favorite. check out their website for menu items.

  • Gina Leonard

    Maple bacon cake donuts at Hanisch’s Bakery in Red Wing. Remember it when you are for your annual leaf watching trip! Well worth the stop!

  • O

    I vote for Herbs Dog Nuts he has the best Dog Nuts in town!!!!!!

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