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Best Brunches In The Twin Cities

November 7, 2010 12:12 AM

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(Credit: CBS)

Sandwiched right in there between breakfast and lunch — it feels like a luxury to go out to eat for brunch. You get to sleep in and eat typical morning food. Here are a list of Some of the best brunches in the Twin Cities. 


(Credit: Kozy's)


3220 Galleria
Edina, MN 55435
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Owners Bill and Dana Kozlak have an “all-you-can-eat” Sunday brunch served family style with second helpings and a made to order waffle and omelet bar. Complementary caramel rolls and mimosas. (They also own Jax cafe in NE Mpls.)

Hell's Kitchen

(Credit: Hell's Kitchen)

Hell’s Kitchen

80 S. 9th Street
Minneapolis, MN
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Great weekend brunch with super Bloody Marys. Chef/owners Steve Meyer and Mitch Omer make their own peanut butter, blackberry jam and orange marmalade to accompany their five variations of eggs benedicts and other breakfast favorites.

Nicollet Island Inn

(Credit: Nicollet Island Inn)

Nicollet Island Inn

95 Merrian St.
Minneapolis, MN
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Owners Caryl and Larry Abdo offer an outstanding five-course Sunday brunch with complementary champagne and mimosas and house made pastries in a beautiful dining room.

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  • Jerry

    I don’t know if I’d say “horrible”, but certainly not a stand-out. I’ve never understood the attraction for this place, other that it’s “in”.

  • Tom Simon

    FAbulous Ferns in St. Paul has a great brunch.

  • Sarah

    Dixies on Grand has a great Sunday brunch!

  • jessica

    Bunny’s. period.

  • Me

    Forepaughs on Exchange St in St. Paul has great brunche’s also.

  • ann

    Yarussos’ does have a great brunch! Sunsets in Woodbury is good, too

  • JamieinMN

    Wow, Edina, Mpls, Mpls, yet it’s titled “Best Brunches In The Twin Cities”. Keywords, TWIN CITIES! Why am I not surprised???

  • Karen

    Green Mill in Lakeville.

  • Margaret

    Salut Bar Americain on Grand Ave.

  • Dennis

    Santorini’s in Eden Prairie is fabulous! Greek buffet. $20, but worth it!

  • Alleycat

    Pizza Luce in St. Paul.

  • Sully

    Enjoy! in Eagan or Apple valley

  • Bb

    I sure wish they would list restaurants in other areas, seems to always be downtown Mpls, St.Paul and a occasional edina or other ritsy restaurant. How about some real investigation into affordable and best brunches in other areas. Would be nice!!

    • brian

      Try Sarna’s on University Avenue below 694. The lsat time I was there they had ciabbata French Toast.

    • Jack Jones

      That’s because they are only listing the best of the best and can recruit the best chefs. That’s obviously happen to be located in these areas. Some highly sought-after chef isn’t going to want to work at some po-dunk restaurant in Woodbury or something!

  • Amy

    The “Twin Cities” are the city of St. Paul and the city of Mpls. twin. as in two… cough cough. If the suburbanites want to put together a best of the burbs list, there is nothing stopping them. Why they chose a spot in Edina instead of St. Paul is beyond me.

    • Bb

      Excuse me Amy but Edina is a suburb, the only restaurants that get listed on here are over priced.

  • Danielle

    3 Squares in Maple Grove!!!

  • Kelly Suzick

    Maxwell’s on washington ave.! Has great food & drinks!!!!! Go there frequently and they never disappoint!!!!

  • BB

    Lake Elmo Inn in Lake Elmo is one of the the best in my book, and Tinuccis in Newport isn’t bad.

  • Katie

    Oakcity Brooklyn Center, by far the best!!!

  • C

    Two words: Haute Dish….you’ll never want to go anywhere else after you experience it one time.

  • Kenneth Sachs

    There is no good Sunday brunch in the Twin Cities any more. The best for a number of years was that at Chez Dabiel when Tri Star’s catering led by Chef Dabiel Hubert headed it. He also ownedNapolean’s bakery in Eden Prairie & Bloomington. His breads and fruit tarts were on the buffet plus one got unlimited NY “champagne” with the meals. His holiday brunches like Mother’s Day were even better. I recall some of the brunches had chateaubt=riand on them as well as at least once rare prime rib. It’s been years since these existed, but no one even comes close to this. By the way, I astarted cooking in August 1945 when I was 4+ year’s old so know what I am talking about.

  • Jensen's Cafe

    Jensen’s in Burnsville has some of the best french toast I have ever tasted

  • kim

    Famous Daves in Calhoun Square is also has a wonderful brunch every sunday. Its the only one with the brunch and live music. Great biscuts and gravy, an omlette bar and to die for stuffed french toast with praline topping!

  • Joanne

    The “Red Stag” restaurant in Minneapolis is fabulous. I tried their eggs benedict and found them to be superb. So are all their other entries.

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