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Best Cupcakes In The Twin Cities

November 4, 2010 7:47 PM

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Cupcakese from Cocoa and Fig

credit: CBS

Cupcakes are everywhere  you look these days and it seems like the opportunities are endless.  I have spent a fair amount of time in my own kitchen trying to replicate the amazing-looking cupcakes I see nightly on the Food Network and in blogs from across the country.  But it’s time for me to stop doing all the hard work!  Let’s see what the pros in the Twin Cities are creating.

Even for as much as I like cupcakes, I’ve just got one set of taste buds and one stomach.  While I’m out running off all the research for this article — have your say in the comments below!

Yum Kitchen And Bakery

credit: CBS

Yum! Kitchen And Bakery

4000 Minnetonka Boulevard
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
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Located near the intersection of Lake Street and France Avenue on the border of St. Louis Park and Minneapolis, yum! serves up the classic chocolate and vanilla cupcakes as well as a “black bottom” and a “yum!” cupcake.

Midtown Global Exchange

credit: CBS

Salty Tart

In The Minneapolis Midtown Global Market
920 E Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55467
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Located inside the Minneapolis Global Market, chef Michelle Gayer tempts crowds with seasonal, local and organic ingredients.

Cake Eater Bakery

credit: CBS

Cake Eater Bakery

2929 East 25th Street
Minneapolis, MN
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Located in south Minneapolis and serving Intelligentsia coffee, Sheela and Emily bake up more than 80 varieties of cupcakes.  Not all flavors are always available so follow them on Twitter for the latest flavors and specials!  Among the options: Elvis, which is banana with peanut butter and marshmallow buttercream — topped with bacon, pina colada, orange cranberry, white chocolate lavender and cookies and cream.


credit: CBS

Cup Cake

3338 University Avenue Southeast
Minneapolis, MN 55414
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With more than 60 flavors of cupcakes, Cupcake is sure to have something for your taste buds.  Located on University Avenue near Highway 280, it’s a perfect stop on the way to the University of Minnesota.  The bakery features regular cupcakes, baby cupcakes and even a “party line.”  Flavors include the trademark cupcake, which is a vanilla cupcake filled with chocolate mousse topped with vanilla frosting and orange sprinkles, a Paris Hilton, a Betty Crocker, a mad cow, a Claire Huxtable and a June Cleaver.

Franklin Street Bakery

credit: CBS

Franklin Street Bakery

1020 E Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404
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Located on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis, the bakery features cupcakes in flavors including lemon vanilla bean, mocha ganache, strawberry vanilla, turtle and white chocolate ganache.

Sweets Bakeshop

credit: CBS

Sweets Bakeshop

2042 Marshall Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

On the adventuresome side with your cupcake flavors?  Sweets Bakeshop in St. Paul is the place to check out.  The bakery features several kinds of chocolate and vanilla and some unique flavors as well, including thyme honey walnut, smores, mojito and a gluten-free mocha.

Cupcakese from Cocoa and Fig

credit: CBS

Cocoa and Fig

Gaviidae Common
Skyway Level, Saks Wing
651 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402
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Located inside Gaviidae Common, on the second floor, Cocoa & Fig features both regular-size and “baby-sized” cupcakes in flavors including vanilla bean, valrhona chocolate, lemon coconut, almond caramel, banana cake and black velvet, which they say is their version of a red velvet cupcake.

-Toby Collodora is the Executive Editor of WCCO.COM and enjoys baking, cooking and mostly eating.

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  • Sandy

    You MUST try Sweet Retreat at 50th & France in Edina! My husband and I went on a search for the perfect cupcakes for our wedding in September, and I’m pretty sure we actually tried every single bakery listed in this article. They were all good, but nothing stood out as “amazing” until we happened across Sweet Retreat. Even their vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting is fantastic! Anyway, just my two cents… :)

    • Kim

      I completely agree. The cupcakes are AMAZING!!! I had an oreo cupcake there which was to die for. IF I had to choose anywhere to eat a cupcake in the Twin Cities it would be there. I work near Cocoa and Fig and theirs are very good but I still craze the Sweet Retreat in Edina.

  • Sherry

    I have to add one place that is NOT on this list. The Cakebox bakery in New Hope is amazing. Their cupcakes are just amazing!

    • Robin Matthews

      Great place!! They did my wedding cake 7yrs ago and it was g double o d good !!

  • Crystal

    Wow, such great selections! You did a great job at making me hungry for something sweet.

  • mk

    Wuollets has the best cupcakes. They are very inexpensive. 1.65 each. Cake Eater bakery is fun to visit, but the service isn’t great. YUM cupcakes were not good… they serve them cold and they aren’t fresh.

  • deb

    I agree with Sandy – Sweet Retreat is a must for cupcake fans. Their coconut cupcake is killer. Each time I go there I look for flavors I haven’t tried but I always succomb to the coconut because it is so amazing. The mocha cupcake is memorable as well.

  • Kat

    LOVE Salty Tart!!!!!! and the rest of the market ain’t bad either:)

  • Meara

    You made a mistake by not including Sweet Retreat at 50th and France. It is the best!

    • Kristen

      You are right about that! I can’t believe Sweet Retreat didn’t make this list. Makes me wonder if I can take this list seriously….

  • maya zniewski

    St. Paul Classic Cookie Co. is absolutely the best cupcake provider in the twin cities. The others may be good, but St. Paul Classic Cookie Co. is excellent. Fresh, delicious and economically priced. conveniently located on territorial dr. in st. paul. Woman owned and kid friendly. My favorite favorite treat place in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

  • Sarah

    All these places look pretty, but…

    If you want the real deal.
    You know… Fresh baked cupcakes, and ALL Real ingredients, do yourself a favor and visit St. Paul Classic Cookie today!

    No fancy signs can make up for taste, and you haven’t tasted great cupcakes until you’ve gone to St. Paul Classic Cookie. Yuuuummmm!

  • katherine

    queen of cakes in edina is amazing!

  • Jim

    you should try Dorothy Ann Bakery in Woodbury for cup cakes

  • Liz

    Agree with the ones that said St Paul Classic Cookie. I went there for cupcakes and cookies for work and they loved them. Even the young gals who were watching what they ate, took a bite and had to have a whole cupcake!!! This place is great and an interesting shop as well!!

  • cupcakeluvr

    Roseville Bakery on Lexington and Larpenteur in Roseville is amazing! They were even nominated for cupcake wars on the food network.
    Great bakery with amazing staff and an awesome owner!

  • TashaRose

    Love YUM! and Cup Cake :)

  • Alicia

    I’ve have cupcakes from Cupcake a few times and they are just okay. The flavors are plain and the cake part is dry. I learned why they are dry when I was there one day-they put their cupcakes in the refrigerator. That’s one of the quickest way to dry out a cupcake! Not to mention what it does to the frosting. The frosting was so hard that when I tried to cut my cupcake with a fork, the force caused the cupcake to completely sink to the plate.

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