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Best Eats In Lutsen/North Shore

November 29, 2010 4:31 PM

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In Minnesota, we’re truly blessed when it comes to nearby staycations. Beautiful havens of gorgeous getaways are just a few short hours from the Twin Cities and offer some of the best reasons to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. Perhaps one of the most popular examples of this is the epic North Shore and nearby city of Lutsen. While looking for the best weekend getaway, Lutsen seems to have everything one would need — whether it’s the dead of winter or in the heat of summer.

Relaxation, beautiful views and plenty of outdoor activities make this a must for any Minnesotan or Midwest traveler. 

While I just barely tapped the beginning of the list in terms of attractions in Lutsen, I found plenty of places that could muster a must-see list.

The Crooked Spoon

17 W Wisconsin St
Grand Marais, MN 55604
(218) 387-2779

The Crooked Spoon is a tiny little place with gigantic flavors. The restaurant is located right in the heart of Grand Marais, and offers a menu full of gourmet items at up-north prices. Try the crab cakes as a starter — I still dream about them at night.

The Bluefin Grille

7192 W Highway 61
Tofte, MN 55615
(800) 258-3346

When most people hear the phrase “resort dining” they tend to cringe thinking of mediocre food and generic stand-bys. But at Bluefin Grille, you’ll find travelers staying at other resorts coming in to dine along the shore — the food’s that good. The gorgeous views of Lake Superior provide the perfect backdrop to a romantic dinner up north.

Coho Café & Bakery

7126 W Hwy 61
Tofte, MN 55615
(218) 663-8032

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Coho never disappoints. Stop in for a freshly roasted organic cup of coffee or a delicious sandwich. Everything inside this cozy café is spot-on for that home away from home.

Angry Trout Café

408 W Highway 61
Grand Marais, MN 55604
(218) 387-1265

The Angry Trout has been serving up some of the area’s best fresh fish in Grand Marais. With an emphasis on locally-grown produce, the restaurant is always busy, with its ability to put some great Minnesotan flavors on one dish.

Sven & Ole’s

9 West Wisconsin St.
Grand Marais, MN 55604
(218) 387-1713

Sven and Ole’s is a Minnesota tradition. Beyond serving some great pizza pies, this yooper hot spot is a serious tourist attraction. Besides the Italian flair in the pizza, this place is a true shout-out to all things Scandinavian. Since 1982, Sven and Ole’s has been a hopping, yet humble, destination.

moguls Best Eats In Lutsen/North Shore

(credit: CBS)

Moguls Grille & Tap Room

371 Ski Hill Road
Lutsen, MN 55612
(800) 642-6036

Moguls Grill and Tap Room was the restaurant connected to our resort at Caribou Highlands when we went to the Shore this summer. Luckily for us, this place served some great dishes morning, noon and night. The buffalo Bob burgers were some of the best — two-for-one on Tuesdays — and bourbon-planked sockeye salmon was delish.

My Sister’s Place

410 E Highway 61
Grand Marais, MN 55604
(218) 387-1915

A casual spot that’s like stepping into your family’s kitchen is the feeling you get at My Sister’s Place. The saloon-style atmosphere — woman toting a shotgun is the restaurant’s logo of sorts — is perfect for an afternoon exploring the shore. The burgers here are killer and infuse crazy combos, such as peanut butter and mayo.

Sara Boyd is a Web Producer at

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  • slboyd

    Thanks for your comments, everyone! And yes, I’d have to agree — I was going to put Betty’s Pies on this list, simply for the fact that it’s such a tourist destination, but after getting quite ill after dining there last summer, I just couldn’t do it. — Sara

    • suzette ambroz

      we also stopped at betty’s pies,and what a huge downer. menu was cheap and so was the pie

  • joan

    Elaine I agree with you about Betty’s Pies they have an attitude of we will get the business if our food is good or not. WAY over rated.

    The Angry Trout has the same attitude and tell you as much on their menu, we can charge you because we are only open 6 month a year and vacation the other 6 so pay up.

    • getridofem

      Sounds like a lot of places around the Brainerd Lakes area as well.

    • Debby

      I agree with the Betty’s Pie comment, but not the Angry Trout! I think their food was GREAT!! MUCH better than Chez Jude where it IS overpriced and underratted.

    • Susan

      they are closed during the winter because they have no heat, they are a very green restaurant, using north shore companies for just about everything.
      winter tourism is very low, summer booming, next time go there on a Sun evening, not as busy. bottom line the food is very good.

    • Kevin

      Joan, while it appears you are ignorant about the restaurant business, Betty’s Pie’s is GARBAGE , cheapest product brought in the back door, given to teen “cooks” to reheat and that’s it. At least the Angry Trout serves some quality food.

  • Carl LaFong

    The food at the Naniboujou 9 miles north of Grand marais is fantastic!

    • Linda

      Brunch on Sunday very good!

    • Susan

      adequate at best, use to be great, not any more

  • Batman

    Sounds like MR to me

  • Tracey Skadberg

    We love the Angry Trout Cafe and Naniboujou Lodge.

  • Tour Guide

    No Gun Flint Tavern? Great spot in Grand Marais. Outstand menu and a comofortable meeting place. Full bar and great selection of beer and wine, too.

    • Susan

      agree, their food is really outstanding and you can buy a beer for a friend, post it on their board, in the future your friend will see his/her name and get the beer, all paid for, fun

  • Pual

    Northern Lights in Beaver Bay…Sunday Morning Buffet….fabulous

  • Barb

    Naniboujou has the best food on the North Shore. Staff is friendly and courteous. Love the fireplace and the decor!

  • northshoremom

    You missed a few others. Gunflint Tavern, eclectic menu and food is awesome! Dockside Fish Market over the Angry Trout anyday. Sydney’s in Grand Marais for custard, and Naniboujou has a wonderful Sunday brunch.

  • lol

    my favorite stops on the ride up to bluefin. Kendellas for smoked salmon, rustic inn for blueberry crumble pie, Coho at bluefin, papa charlies on ski hill road is hit and miss. bes service there is at the bar. don’t do the resteraunt. My sister place,blue water cafe, the pie place the best eggs benidict ever. going up next week. I love the north shore, i hope someday to live up there. its beautiful up there, Gods country

  • JIm

    Couldn’t agree more about the Anchor Bar. Best burgers between Hinkley and Canada. Very disaapointed they didn’t make the list. Now I’m really craving an Anchor Burger or, maybe even, the Gallybuster.

  • Jan

    How could you miss the World’s Best Donuts?!! Name speaks for itself!

  • Wendi Erickson

    The Trail Center is also a fantastic place! The BEST pancakes(and biggest) but My Sisters Place, Hands down the Best burgers and wonderful service!!!

  • Linda

    Nokomis Wine Bar and Restaurant. Never had a bad meal there. Great desserts

  • Jenna Lange

    Angry Trout, Nanibijou, and Crooked Spoon are all Excellent. Dockside and My Sisters Place are good values. Pie Place is really good but it has gotten really expensive. On the way to the shore, try the Rustic Inn or the Lighthouse cafe.

  • Stu B.

    Nokomis and the New Scenic are favorites of ours, always wonderful.

  • Eric the Red

    You are right about the Anchor Bar, but not sure you can include it in the “North Shore” category. Maybe a “Twin Ports” category.

  • Eric the Red, Part 2

    Too bad and too true about Betty’s. They had such a good thing going years ago.

  • steve

    I too miss the anchor bar! I could go for a gallybuster myself!!! I also miss HOUSE OF DONUTS! its gone now, but you could get a couple tacos at 3 in the morning and wash it down with milk and a donut afterword!

  • kathy

    In response to post “why advertise WI” Why not? The only newscasts or newspaper we get are from MN. Nice to see a mention. Not our fault that’s all we get and we pay the same as you do. A little discouraging sometimes. Thanks for the mention..

  • Molly

    you can’t forget about Lockport!! In Lutsen.. cutest little cafe/mini grocery store/gas station… has AMAZING breakfasts especially.. the ambiance is ADORABLE, 5 tables! home cooked meals.. amazing coffees and baked goods made right there… The owners, Nan and Deb are fabulous people.. Give it a try!

    • saw

      Don’t go there if you are in a hurry but food is good

  • Montana

    The New Scenic cafe is amazing. My absolute favorite.

  • LH

    The Lemon Wolf Café in Beaver Bay,MN is the hidden jewel of the North Shore! Best food and service ever!

  • Chris

    I would have to agree that the Lemon Wolf is the best place to eat!! Great service and atrtitudes by all that work there. Even though it is a bit on the small side, I reccommend everyone to go there! I will say that the decor is a little overdone though!

    • Jerry C

      You forgot Nokomis -a fabulous restaurant on North Shore Drive (old highway 61 about 5 miles south of Two Harbors)

  • CVictor

    Hughie’s Taco House? Grand Marais, MN

    • Gloria

      I love Hughie’s Taco House, too!

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