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Best Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

August 26, 2010 1:22 PM

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Reporting Amy Rea

It’s lurking right around the corner. Have you made your plans yet? If not, here are a few suggestions — and keep in mind that, recession or no recession, many of these may book up, so reserve ahead. There are plenty of choices for nearly any budget, from the opulent to the — well — not so much. Or maybe you’d rather not dine out, but are looking for other activities.


276 South Exchange St., St. Paul
(651) 224-5606

For sheer romance of surroundings, it’s hard to beat Forepaugh’s, which offers a special menu for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy piquillo pepper pasta with chevre and a bacon-wrapped beef filet, or, if you’re vegetarian, you can savor the piquillo pepper pasta followed by chilli relleno with cumin-cheese souffle. Dessert is Lover’s Petit Fours.

white castle Best Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day


White Castle

Various Locations

If you really want something out of the ordinary, White Castle may still have openings for its sit-down Valentine’s dinner, where you can share the Sweetheart Meal Deal.

James J. Hill House, summit avenue

(credit: Minnesota Historical Society)

James J. Hill House

240 Summit Avenue, St. Paul
(651) 297-2555

It’s also time for that annual tradition over at the James J. Hill House: the Victorian Poetry Slam. Come to enjoy costumed actors reciting poems by Dickinson, Browning and Longfellow, followed by refreshments and house tours. Or you could kick off the Valentine’s weekend at the Hill House by attending the Romance and Relaxation program — a house tour focused on romance and the long Hill marriage, followed by a relaxation class with coach Beth Freschi.

wildmountain Best Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day

(credit: Wild Mountain)

Wild Mountain

37200 Wild Mountain Rd., Taylors Falls
(651) 465-6315

Maybe you’d like to get outdoors. In that case, grab your skis and head to Wild Mountain for their Feb. 12th event, which includes lift tickets and a candlelight dinner for two.

winter sun Best Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day

(credit: Jupiter Images)

Minnesota DNR Cabins

Minnesota DNR Valentine’s Day

Another nature-oriented option is to reserve one of the Minnesota DNR’s camper cabins, located in various state parks. All cabins are heated, and most have electricity. Best of all, they’re peaceful and private — perfect for Valentine’s Day.

richardsonnaturecenter Best Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day

(credit: Three Rivers Park District)

Richardson Nature Center

8737 East Bush Lake Road, Bloomington
(763) 694-7676
Richardson Nature Center

Richardson Nature Center in Bloomington offers Candlelight and Chocolate all through Valentine’s weekend. Take a romantic stroll through candlelit woods before enjoying chocolate treats, live acoustic music and the warmth in front of the fireplace. Reservations must be made by Feb. 9.

snowshoe, snowshoing, snow, winter, generic

(credit: Jupiter Images)

The Landing

2187 Highway 101 East, Shakopee
(763) 694-7784
The Landing

Over at The Landing in Shakopee, a family Valentine’s event is taking place on Feb. 12. A Victorian Valentine’s Day offers everyone the chance to try snowshoeing or kicksledding, plus making your own Valentine, learning about Valentine’s Day in the Victorian age—and what the heck, learn a little about Abe Lincoln too.

lakebowl Best Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day


Bryant Lake Bowl

810 West Lake Street, Minneapolis
(612) 825-3737
Bryant Lake Bowl

If you’d prefer something indoors and more adult, Bryant Lake Bowl can fill the need with its Erotic Valentines puppet show on Feb. 12 and 14. In between, on Feb. 13, enjoy the Romantic Fun Time Sexy Naughty Show.

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  • Pablo K

    I and my sweetie will be going through the Taco Bell drive through and eating in the car in the parking lot. We’ll spice up the evening romance with interludes of self made fireworks from the earlier dinner! I love valentines.

    • Jennifer Brodsky

      That’s great! “Self made fireworks”… it!! lol! :)


    A seven layer burrito hold the onions and a quickey in in the back seat

  • WhatAJoke

    What the heck…Bryant’s lake bowl…erotic puppet show…white castle!?! Obviously the person who pieced together this little “top 10 list” has never had a real GF or BF. Can you imagine the pain i would suffer if i looked my significant other in the face and told her, “no roses, no cards…just me & you, and some erotic puppets and Bryant’s bowl…and play your cards right…i might just split the sweetheart meal deal at White Castles with you”

    • DJ

      FYI the title of the article uses the word “unique” not “romantic.” They never claimed it to be all about romance. This list was trying to show different ways of celebrating this made up holiday. And if your significant other freaks out on you with how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, get a new BF or GF. I know for a fact that if I told my girlfriend we were going to White Castle, she would laugh because she knows that is my personality.

    • Clarification

      Just to clarify, the White Castle deal has been going on since 1991, so it is more of a fun tradition, rather than a “romantic outing.” I would say that out of all the people that I know who participate in the White Castle Valentine’s Day event, most do it because they have kids and want to make the day “special” in a kid-friendly way, while others just find it funny and amusing – not because their dates are cheapskates.

  • sj

    my husband and I have been going to white castle for 6 years on valentines day. Its not only hilarious its delcious! Plus for those of us who are not hopeless romantics its just a fun way to spend the day. I would not say it is for the die hard valentines day folks but its a super fun tradition if you have a sense of humor!

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