DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Michael At The Xcel Energy Center

August 6, 2012 5:00 AM

dyr minn DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Michael At The Xcel Energy Center

“I’m probably in ‘My Machine’ 60 percent of the working day.”

The Ride
The Driver: Michael
Car in Question: 2010 Silver Ford Fusion
Spotted at: Xcel Energy Center, West 7th Street Entrance, St. Paul, MN 55102
Odometer: 60,000
Car’s Nickname: My Machine


Q: Hi Michael. Welcome to Defend Your Ride Minnesota. What can you tell us about this awesome car? Does it have a nickname?

A: My Machine! It takes me to and from work. I’m in outside sales, so I’m always in My Machine. It’s something I use always. I’m probably in My Machine 60 percent of the working day.

Q: It sounds strong. So your sales territory isn’t just in the more urban or city areas?

A: My whole territory is Southeast of Metro. South of Minneapolis and St. Paul and all the way east to the St. Croix River and all the way down to Rochester. 35W is the dividing line, well actually 169. My bad. My territory just switched. So pretty much east of 169, south of 494 and down to Rochester and I have part of St. Paul too.

Q: That’s a really large territory.

A: Yes, it’s about 4,000 accounts, maybe 5,000 now.

Q: What brings you to the Xcel Energy Center area?

A: This is part of my territory. My wife works down here at United Hospital. We’ll come down here and catch hockey games and visit the local restaurants, for entertainment. We live in Woodbury, which is right around 15 miles from here.

Q: What attracted you to this car?

A: It was a narrowed down option. Also, Ford’s an American car. I liked the look and that it was an American-made car, especially since it was right around 2010 when the American factories were taking a big hit. It was important to me to keep the money in America.

Q: Do you have rules for your car?

A: Just my wife can drive it. I try to make other rules, but the kids seem to break them all. So does my wife! I try to keep it clean because I am courting clients in my car. It seems to me that it ends up getting pretty dirty with family over the weekend and with kid stuff. I use it to take kids to and from daycare. Food is the only way to keep the kids quiet.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your car?

A: I’m just proud it is an American-made car. They’re doing a really good job with making cars. They’ve been able to change with the buying habits of people and conform to what’s more practical and still stay in front of the competition. I wasn’t really much of a Ford man growing up, but it seems like that’s the car I always ended up with and they’ve always been reliable. They don’t break down. Parts are easy to get. You never have to do anything to it. I’ve had really good luck with the Ford.

Photos and interview by Marla Geary

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