DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Susette At Stone Arch Bridge

September 4, 2012 5:00 AM

dyr minn DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Susette At Stone Arch Bridge

“Where there are fun roads, and if the weather is good, this is the car we’ll take.”

The Ride
The Driver: Susette
Car in Question: Silver 2010 Acura TSX
Spotted at: Stone Arch Bridge from Mill Ruins Park, West Bank of the Mississippi, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Odometer: 20,000 miles
Car’s Nickname: Trixie


Q: Hi Susette. Awesome Acura. What is your car’s main use?

A: Mostly for work and fun drives. Fun drives would be fun day trips or visiting family members out of town. It’s a nice relaxing ride. It handles really well. So where there are fun roads, and if the weather is good, this is the car we’ll take. We go to Central and Northern Minnesota. We stay in the state. It hasn’t been out of the state yet.

Q: Have you ever taken it any place strange or odd?

A: The car is spoiled. It has yet to spend time outside during the winter. Even at my old workplace, I was able to park her in a ramp or underground parking, so she’s spoiled. Trixie is spoiled. She is a low maintenance, high maintenance vehicle. Low maintenance on the car and high maintenance owner attitude.

Q: Any other rules for the car besides not parking it outside?

A: It can be outside now in this weather. And in my current job, I don’t have a choice. But parking spots are carefully selected. There are definitely rules as to where the car is parked. I just want to be careful to avoid door dinks. I am paranoid about door dinks a little bit too much, so I drive it that way. It recently got hit by a golf ball!

Q: If the car in the next stall doesn’t look appropriately cared for, will you avoid parking next to it?

A: I’ll make sure there is a lot of extra room. We’re each allotted a spot. And I’m definitely a firm believer that you optimize your choices, but you don’t take two choices. You get one choice. So I park far away, corner spot, edge spot. And then I’m all the way over hugging the curb.

Q: What about that golf ball?

A: I was driving down France Avenue heading from 50th to Excelsior Blvd. I was driving past Minikahda Golf Course. Someone shanked their shot and nailed me right in the hood. No matter how careful I was with parking, as fate would have it, it was a golf ball. It was raining golf balls that day in the middle of the city. So I got a divot! So Trixie’s already had cosmetic work.

Q: Why did you decide to buy Trixie?

A: My husband and I had a car and the lease was coming up. We wanted to find another vehicle that was good on gas mileage, but also fun to drive.

Q: So what are some of your favorite features?

A: Her handling. She corners really well. It is fun to drive down winding roads. Love her lines. Love the color. It is not a typical silver. So cosmetically she’s very good. She functions really well. She rides really smoothly. There’s a nice tight feel to the car. Real tight handling. Nice and sporty without looking over the top.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about Trixie?

A: She has a wonderful personality. She’s really joyful. She’s really happy. She’s very comfortable. Whenever you get in her, she just has this wonderful ability to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. And any cares of the day just evaporate when you’re in there, so it’s fun. She’s a nice little cocoon.

Photos and interview by Marla Geary

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