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Delta Eliminates Sporting Equipment FeeDelta Airlines announced Wednesday that it's eliminating its $150 specialty sports bag fee -- allowing customers to check their sporting equipment as part of their standard baggage allowance.
Phil's Tara Hideaway: Turning An Old Roadhouse Into A Stillwater StapleWhere Minnesota Highway 36 meets the St. Croix River, and Minnesota meets Wisconsin, an old log cabin restaurant has stood the test of time.
#IStandWithIlhan Trends On Twitter After Trump Supporters Chant ‘Send Her Back’ At RallyTwitter users are proclaiming their solidarity with Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar after President Donald Trump continued to bash the freshman congresswoman at a rally in North Carolina.
Rep. Ilhan Omar Fires Back 'I Am Where I Belong' After Trump 'Send Her Back' Rally"I am where I belong, at the people's house, and you're just gonna have to deal!" she tweeted.
Dakota Co. Attorney: Officers Justified In Shooting Death Of John FairbanksThe Dakota County Attorney’s Office says two officers were justified in the fatal April shooting of a 40-year-old man who exchanged gunfire with police after fleeing a traffic stop in Coon Rapids.
'Buy Ugly Fruit': Imperfect Produce Aims To Limit Food WasteThe company buys produce from a nationwide network of farmers, claiming it saves some of the roughly 20% of produce often thrown out.
Complaints: CenturyLink Failed To Respond To Cable MarkingState law requires property owners and professional contractors to notify the Office of Pipeline Safety before digging.
Minnesota Weather: Heat Advisory For Southern MinnesotaPrepare to beat the heat, it’s about to get steamy in Minnesota.
Working For The Weekend: Entertainment Best BetsWe're at the height of summer, and there's plenty to do outside if you're Working for the Weekend.
'Send Her Back!': President Trump Slams Rep. Ilhan Omar At RallyGoing after four Democratic congresswomen one by one, a combative President Donald Trump turned his campaign rally Wednesday into an extended dissection.
Reality Check: The Truth About Immigrants In MinnesotaThe president's racist tweets have sharply focused the debate on who is legally in the United States and in Minnesota.
The West Metro's 911 Emergency? No One's Calling 911While some law enforcement agencies look to improve response times, another one in the West Metro says citizens aren't calling 911 enough.

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Jeffrey Epstein denied bail in sex trafficking caseA federal judge in New York ruled that wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein must remain behind bars until trial on charges of sexually abusing numerous teen girls. CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman joins CBSN with more on the breaking news.
Heat wave brings triple-digit temperaturesA heat wave is expected to bring record-breaking highs to a large portion of the U.S. CBS News contributing meteorologist Jeff Berardelli joined CBSN AM to talk about which areas are getting the worst of the scorching temperatures.
Federal agency: "Go back to where you came from" is discriminationThe phrase President Trump tweeted about four congresswomen could be considered discriminatory, according to the EEOC
Ilhan Omar responds to "send her back" chants at Trump rally"You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I'll rise," Omar tweeted
Jeffrey Epstein denied bail by federal judgeBail denied for jailed financier on sex trafficking charges after prosecutors argued the jet-setting defendant is a danger to the public and might flee the country
U.S. kicks Turkey out of fighter jet program after it buys Russian missile defense systemTensions are escalating between the U.S. and Turkey, a NATO ally. The Pentagon has stopped selling F-35 warplanes to Turkey after the country bought a S-400 missile defense system from Russia. CBS News State Department reporter Christina Ruffini joins CBSN to explain the latest developments.
House approves $15 minimum wage for workersA $15 federal minimum wage would give a raise to 17 million workers and "likely" boost pay for 10 million more, the CBO found this month
Ebola outbreak in Congo declared a global health emergencyThe virus spread this week to a city of two million people
Non-profit group Selah Freedom works to fight sex traffickingThe Jeffrey Epstein case has brought new attention to sex trafficking victims and how abusers can evade police and the court system. Elizabeth Melendez Fisher is the CEO and co-founder of Selah Freedom, a non-profit that works with law enforcement and the court system to help victims of sex trafficking. She joined CBSN AM to discuss her work in Sarasota, Florida, including re-training officers to spot victims.
Crowd chants "send her back" at Trump rally, echoing president's tweetsPresident Trump is on the attack as he fights for a second term. At a campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina, he fired up the crowd with more attacks on four Democratic congresswomen. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid and CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes join CBSN to discuss the president's reelection strategy.