By Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

COON RAPIDS (WCCO) — A 5-month-old Plymouth baby is in the hospital fighting for its life Wednesday night.

Police were dispatched to the 100 Block of Grouse Street Northwest in Coon Rapids to a call of infant in distress. After an investigation showed that the infant was a victim of child abuse, the babysitter was arrested.

The baby was taken to St. Paul Children’s Hospital where it is listed in critical condition.

According to police, the 29-year-old babysitter admitted to “repeatedly shaking the infant and throwing the child onto a bed until the child became unresponsive.”

Police identified the babysitter as Tami Rose Revering of Coon Rapids. She has not been charged yet.

The incident is being investigated.

Jane Swenson, a pediatric nurse practitioner, tells parents that crying is normal, and so is frustration, but parents should always put their baby in a safe place like a crib or car seat and leave the room for a few minutes and separate yourself from the noise. They should also consider calling for help, like a friend, family or even a doctor.

Swenson says Minnesota state law requires to offer parents a video on Shaken Baby Syndrome when they leave the hospital.

She recommends parents at their breaking point call the Minnesota Crisis Connection at 612-379-6363.

Comments (28)
  1. etoyabuchanan says:

    Every time I hear something like this my heart is sickened because babies are a special gift grom god!!!!!!!!! ppl like this should not have childern….

    1. MFKN JB says:

      She was the babysitter. .. . It says that clearly in the article…

  2. Val says:

    I have put this precious infant on three prayer requests tonight.
    With all the news stories on shaken baby syndrome and abuse, when will people wake up and start listening to the damage this does to a baby;s delicate brain.

  3. MFKN JB says:

    She was the babysitter. It says that clearly in the article..

  4. JamieinMN says:

    Ok, “Jane Swenson, a pediatric nurse practitioner, tells parents that crying is normal, and so is frustration, but parents should always put their baby in a safe place like a crib or car seat and leave the room for a few minutes and separate yourself from the noise. They should also consider calling for help, like a friend, family or even a doctor.

    Swenson says Minnesota state law requires to offer parents a video on Shaken Baby Syndrome when they leave the hospital.”

    THAT was not necessary for them to include in the article. It was THE BABYSITTER who did this, not the mother. My thoughts are with that family. I sure hope the baby will be ok.

  5. JamieinMN says:

    Ummmmmm did you read he article?

    BABYSITTER, it’s even in the headline, “BABYSITTER ACCUSED”. Where does it say the BABYSITTER has children?

  6. AM says:

    Ok everyone, please read some of the other articles on this story. Tami is a mother of small children as well. Not JUST a babysitter. Therefore this does relate to parents and videos.

  7. AM says:

    Also I’m sure Swenson gave the information in the article as a resource so this doesn’t happen to another child. So to another child THAT may be a lifesaver.

  8. scubadvrmn says:

    The babysitter has 2 children of her own. That was reported in other news reports just not this one.

  9. Michelle Benson says:

    ‘cco said she has 2 children of her own

  10. Angie says:

    This story made me cry. I have a 3 1/2 month old baby and he is the most precious thing in my life. This woman needs to pay for this for the rest of her life. No baby deserves this kind of abuse. With all the information about shaken baby syndrom out there, people who do this need to be given the harshest charges possible including 1st degree murder. This was intentional no matter what anyone says.

  11. Jessica says:

    I would leave my infant with her. Look how upset she looks in the picture, she obviously cares very much about the baby. People don’t intentionally shake babies. They know the dangers of it, they know what happens, but that doesn’t make all the frustration just disappear. Why do you think the hospitals require parents to watch the video before they leave the hospital? Do you think the hospitals think that each parent is a criminal and needs to see it? No, they understand the stress and frustration that comes with a baby and understand how quickly it can happen to anyone, even the most loving person. Obviously it’s an issue if there is a crisis hotline for it. And does it make a difference if it is a mother, babysitter or father who is watching the baby? Anyone who takes care of a baby can find this article useful with the information it provided. What I think is awful are the people who wish harm on this woman. She has to live with this mistake/loss of control for the rest of her life. And now she’s taken away from her own family. How can anyone be so cruel to wish any more harm on her? It’s a sad, unfortunate situation for both families involved and I only hope the best for all of them.

    1. Former College Roommate says:

      Thank you so much for this comment. I am Tami’s former roommate, and I certainly would trust her with any of my own four precious children. She is a good person, she simply lost control. And this picture clearly shows how distraught she it. She is usually a very pretty woman and this just shows how devastated she is by her own actions. She is paying dearly for it, and so are her husband and two sons. I pray for greater awareness, understanding, and sympathy to result for mamas under extreme stress. My heart also goes out to the baby’s family who are close friends of Tami too. This is a struggle for all involved.

      1. Not sympathetic at all. says:

        Easy to say when it’s not your baby who will either die or live with brain damage for the rest of their life. I don’t care how good of a person she was in college, no decent human being abuses a child. She abused him so harshly he suffered injuries that were equivalent to being dropped out of a second story window. She clearly has some issues, maybe she hid them well. She deserves pain and suffering for the rest of her life because that’s what that poor baby and his family will have to deal with.

  12. Katie Will says:

    She has obviously been through the mill with her emotions and had lost control of her sanity in order to do such a horrible thing to an innocent – sweet child.

    She needs help and that’s all there is to it! I don’t “feel bad” for her, but I do believe she needs to find God and connect with him for forgiveness. Anyone can loose control and “snap” – it doesn’t make you a bad person, but it is very wrong and is a horrible thing to do and will definetely require forgiveness from above!!! If I was the mother of the child injured, I would be extremely irrate with this woman and you would probably have to hold me back from wanting to take out my anger, hurt, frustration, etc. on her. This makes me literally sick knowing this happens to defenseless children!!

    I hope and pray that this little child will continue to fight and will make us all amazed with his healing. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and child who this involves and for the children of this woman who commited such a hurtful act. God bless this baby fighting for his life!!! PLEASE KEEP HIM IN YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Diane says:

    Our 4th child had colic, and I remember VIVIDLY sitting is a downstairs room (to give the rest of our family time free from his screaming and crying after eating), holding my screaming son while the TV Station’s Doctor lectured to his viewers about how “colic is a short-term problem with babies and should subside by their 3rd month.” (Colic is like having screaming/crying episodes that seem to never end whenever a baby eats, by the way.) At that moment, I was holding my son, enduring his screaming, approaching his 5th month of colic…..and looking for something to THROW at the tv screen! Unless you’ve PERSONALLY LIVED WITH a screaming, crying-uncontrollably infant, you can’t even IMAGINE the stress a parent OR babysitter is going through, people! Putting a screaming child down and “leaving the room” sounds so LOGICAL…..and if that child, lying on its back as we’re all TOLD TO DO, spit up and inhaled the muck, and THEN died from asphyxiation….would you so enthusiastically CRUCIFY this Babysitter as WELL “for being uncaring, inattentive, incompetent???? You WEREN’T THERE, you only know the “facts” as “reported” by newspeople TRYING to, by their “reporting of their version of facts” get more viewers…..and THEY PERSONALLY don’t give a RIP about this woman OR what they’re doing to HER life!!! She made a TERRIBLE, EMOTIONAL MISTAKE…..and she called for HELP, trying to save the child’s LIFE!!! Look what you’re DOING TO HER! Sometimes, whether it’s food allergies, colic, teething, or just baby stress, CRYING HAPPENS. KNOWING WHAT TO DO doesn’t always instantly jump into your brain after 2 hours of constant, uncontrollable crying…because you, as a loving and caring PERSON want to calm the baby, soothe whatever’s hurting him or her… the point of your OWN hearing impairment, or breaking into tears YOURSELF! Experienced Mothers out there UNDERSTAND…and can see both sides of this issue, both with compassion and sorrow….for ALL parties. By the way, “keeping her in your thoughts” isn’t much help, folks……..TRY PRAYING FOR HER AND THAT CHILD!!!! If you don’t have the guts to ask GOD TO HELP THEM in a public forum, you’d better pray for YOURSELVES AS WELL!!!!

    1. The child's parent says:

      My son was not colic, he cried when he wanted to eat and did little crying otherwise. The interesting thing is Tami herself has a son who was the most colicky baby I have ever met but she did choose to cause irepairable harm to him… No excuse for this so people please quit posting them.

  14. A Friend says:

    I know the families involved and I can say that Tami is indeed a beautiful and caring person. She did make a mistake, but she will be dealing with this the rest of her life and any results from the courts or other people will not even come close to the grief she will experience and weigh for the rest of her life. The baby involved and the family will always remember this and deal with the fact of trusting anyone with their children. I truly hope the baby can come out of this with no permanent damages. My heart is breaking for everyone involved and you are all in my prayers.

    1. A parent says:

      I’m praying for everyone involved…just another example of how our lives can change with every breath we take. How is the baby doing?

  15. AFRIEND... says:

    I know this woman. She is by no means a criminal, addict or anything evil that is imagined or pointed out by strangers who believe they are entitled to judge an unknown person. This woman has given so much to the DD community and now as a mother. Let us all pray for the infant and give immediate forgiveness to Tami. We must also pray we as parents, babysitters, caregivers and like that we ourselves never EVER come witness to the dark side of our emotions. This example truly shows,absolutely… does exists. Many of us believe we are above of our emotions and have complete control over them always. Not true. Many believe we “have a handle” on it. We don’t. We must learn from the mistakes of others, and step back to process the seriousness of the incident.

    1. Not sympathetic at all. says:

      She’s a criminal now. I know the family of the victim. She has now given them a son who will be challenged for the rest of his life and a whole lot of medical debt, just to scratch the surface. What she did is not forgivable. You DON’T harm children, period. You especially don’t harm them if you are a child care professional! It’s ridiculous that you are acting as if she just had an outburst or something, SHE ALMOST KILLED A 4-MONTH-OLD BABY. That makes her a monster now, don’t care what she was before. Yes, I’m judging. She deserves it, and a lot worse. I hope she gets the maximum punishment for this, if she does, it won’t even begin to scratch the surface of being equal to all the pain and suffering she has caused an innocent baby and his family to have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Pathetic that you are defending these actions in any way.

  16. Rightonthe money says:

    To the “Not sympathetic at all” moron. A persons past is the best blueprint of what warrants forgiveness or not. Yes, what she did is something that will have severe consequences and I believe she must serve that. I pray for the infant and family. Your “eye for an eye” solution is one that questions your humanity.

  17. Dad says:

    I think what the previous poster was trying to get across is that many people have posted excuses for what was done. They have spoken at length about how great Tami is without even mentioning my child.
    There is no excuse for this and the fact that Tami is a good person has nothing to do with this. Tami hurt my son so badly that she broke his skull, caused hemoraging in his brain and eyes, caused him to have siezures and put him in a coma. My son will have complications because of this for the rest of his life!
    He was a completely innocent and happy child. He was not colic, he rarely fussed. She shook him him and threw him, twice. The doctors told us this as extreme a case of shaken baby you can get and live through. This was not mild shaking, this was violent.
    Tami’s punishment from this pales in comparison to the life sentence she has doled out to my son and family. We hope and pray for the best possible outcome from this but the reality is that my son has suffered damages that can never heal because of the damage to his brain. It makes me sad, sick, and angry that Tami did this to him and people like Rightonthe money only compound this by posting on this message board as if this is any of your business. Dad

    1. Caitlin Frazee says:

      When I heard about this on the news, I cried. I cried because things like this don’t just happen. As parents, we all get frustrated but there is no excuse to harm a child… EVER!
      It makes me sick to my stomach that people are defending Teri.
      No punishment could make up for the damage she caused to your family.

      I have been and will continue praying for your family.

    2. fdlfdkfdfjdskfsdkl says:

      Well Dad, feel free to take it out on me. I have said in every posting of mine that I have and continue to pray for your son and family. Obviously, it is not my business…so feel free to continue to vent on me. Not that you care, but I am a father too whose son has had to deal with multiple health related issue,.so don’t act like you are the only one on this earth that has had to deal with something painful. I’m done now.

  18. PinkPony says:

    This lady who did this is ridiculas. There is NO EXCUSE…let me repeat that…NO EXCUSE for harming a child. That’s it…nothing else needs to be said.

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