By Adam Carter, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Results are in from “Give to the Max Day,” Tuesday’s statewide charity call. The results were a pleasant surprise for a bear research facility in Ely.

The North American Bear Center came in second place for most outstate donations, according to the center’s director Lynn Rogers.

“I’m so gratified and amazed,” said Rogers.

According to, the online sponsor of the charity drive, the bear center finished second with 1,783 donations, just eight fewer than St. Olaf College in Northfield.

The bear center drew $39,597 in donations and it will receive an additional $10,000 for its second-place finish. The money will be used to pay down debt and fund educational programs at the bear center, according to Rogers.

The North American Bear Center gained a worldwide following after it placed a webcam inside of a bear den. The center streamed the live birth of a bear cub.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Adam Carter Reports

Interview with Lynn Rogers of the North American Bear Center

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  1. Madelene Ostrowski says:

    Congratulations North American Bear Center & Dr. Lynn Rogers for winning second place.
    I also want to give my congratulations to St. Olaf College in Northfield. for winning first place…. Grat Job both of you!

    A Lily the Bear Fan!

  2. Claire says:

    People “worldwide” are pleased to donate to the North American Bear Center, both through direct donations and through organized charity drives such as that offered by, Dr. Rogers and the staff at NABC have offered us countless hours of education about black bears and have done so in a truly enjoyable and entertaining manner. For those of us who live outside the United States, the NABC website has introduced us not only to the beautiful bears, but also to the natural beauty of the State of Minnesota, and to its many gracious residents.

    Congratulations St. Olafs for your first place win and for giving NABC such an exciting race to the finish. Congratuations to all the non profit entrants. In this marvelous competition, everyone was a winner.

  3. LucyFromBelgium says:

    I’m one of the FB members who found out about the wonderful work Dr L Rogers and his staff is doing. I just want to congratulate the NABC for winning second place.
    Of course I donated last night 🙂 and will do so again if there is another oppertunity to do so.

  4. Sherry E Showalter says:

    Congratulations MN ~ St Olaf College for first place,
    and to the NABC, many many congratulations to Dr Rogers, Sue Mansfeld and dedicated staff, volunteers… We from across the globe applaud you, appreciate you and thank you for your work, research, education and protection of the North American Black Bear.
    We are leaning, you are de-bunking the myths, allowing us and the generations to come to learn to “co-exist” with the magnificent North American Black Bears as the First Americans so revered so shall we; with continued research and education…
    Perhaps St Olaf can now become advocates for the NABC…
    2nd place by 8 votes? Amazing to be certain,
    and once again, we thank you for all you continue to do, and pray that
    MN will value you, your work and take a stand to protect our collared research bears as well.
    Blessings and congratulations to you all out there in MN.
    Dr Sherry E Showalter, Florida

  5. Laurie Griggs says:

    Congrats to St. Olaf’s and NABC! Although I voted for NABC (fron VA) , I am happy for both of the winners. To Dr. Rogers and Sue..and the bears, you inspire us! Keep up the wonderful work that you do!!

  6. Jasmine Dudzik says:

    Dr. Rogers and Sue Mansfield have done amazing research toward educating the public on facts versus misconceptions about this unique North American animal. I am very proud to support their life’s work, and would like to see their knowledge passed on to future generations.

  7. patrick mckibbage says:

    I will let Sherry E. Showalter speak for me…She says it all….Mato Oyate Kola

  8. Maureen Walsh says:

    Happy to help out our bears anyway way I can

  9. Lianne Muhl says:

    I am a Lily the Black Bear and NABC fan. The work that Dr. Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield do as they research this bear clan is fascinating. I have a completely different way of looking at bears and other wildlife as a result. Because of these two biologists and the amazing bears that are part of their research, I have come to respect and appreciate bears and other wildlife. I want these species to be part of my grandchild’s world many years from now. I learn something new almost every day from reading the updates and other materials posted on their website and on Facebook. It’s not entertainment…it’s an education!

  10. Linda Partridge says:

    I currently live in TN and want to applaud NABC and ‘Lily/Hope fans’ for coming together for the 2nd place finish, almost first place. I started following Lily The Black Bear back in January of 2010 when Lily gave birth to a cub named Hope, who is such a sassy, sweet little cub and I know that because of the daily updates and postings that Dr. Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield do to educate the public about black bears through their wonderful, compassionate research. It has become a part of my daily routine! I’m learning so much about bears and about nature as a whole, it’s so interesing and fascinating and something I can share with my family around the dinner table!

  11. Marjorie says:

    Congratulations to the bear center but it would be nice if another organization could win something for once.

  12. Eve says:


  13. sandra says:

    Every organization was a winner with the donations given! I , too , am a FB fan of the NABC and was proud of all the team work that took place on Nov 16th for us to accomplish 2nd place. Job well done!! Congrats to St Olaf on your 1st place position!

  14. sheryl Keller says:

    Iam So Happy For The NABC And For Doc And Sue For All Their Hard Work They Put Into Doing What They Love To Do. Congratulation On A Job Well Done.

  15. diane halstead says:

    Congratulations Dr. Rogers, Sue Mansfield and the NABC “Miracle team.” Your work with the North American Black Bears is very deserving of recognition and our everlasting support.

  16. Anna Pizzolato says:

    So glad that I can do a tiny bit to help the bears and the NABC. I think we all bonded for life when we heard Hope’s screeches when she was born. She & Lily and all the bears have become part of my family and Doc and Sue are incredible advocates for them. I’m thrilled that the notoriety they’ve received is helping people to understand black bears and, hopefully, this will reduce the number of bears killed because of misguided panic and news reports. Anything I can do to facilitate education about bears, I will do as much as I possibly can.

  17. Carol Antonius says:

    People are resonating with the work of the NABC because we are being shown that families of bears are not that different from our own families. There are deep attachments and strong nurturing behaviors between bear mothers and cubs that cannot all be explained by instinct. This is why most of the FB fans are women. We can totally relate to this family of bears and to the dedication of Rogers and Mansfield, the bear biologists.

    Congratulations to St. Olaf College. Hope we can do this again next year!

  18. Carol Pearce says:

    Congratulations to the North American Bear Center, Dr. Rogers, Sue and staff and also to St. Olaf College. A job well done by both groups.

  19. Judie K. Pieper says:

    Congratulations to St. Olaf for winning first place…what an exciting race it was!! Congrats to Dr. Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield for winning second place. I was so proud to be a part of the process. I was hooked the minute I saw Hope born in the den last Jan. and watched faithfully every day as she was growing. I have a limited amount of time left to live and this last year has given me so much joy and anticipation every day to see the live webcam and read the updates, that I truly believe it has added a year to my life. I am fighting to stay around and see Lily have another cub(s) in her new den along with her cub Hope. This is as good as medicine. I read another post where a fan said he was going through deep depression and watching the bears every day really helped him. But most importantly is the education that the Bear Center is providing. If everyone could only see what gentle creatures black bears are, their family interactions, etc., they would have a different opinion than what they see in the media. We are encroaching on their territory and we have to learn how to live with them. There is so much information on and websites. Plus programs are in place for the teachers and they are sharing these materials in their classrooms. I am not an eloquent writer, but just say what comes from my heart. The 40 year dedication by Dr. Lynn Rogers and all the work by Sue Mansfield and all the staff should be applauded. I am one grateful fan who has learned so much this past year and feel it has enriched my life more than I can say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  20. Kimberly Kramer says:

    Congrats to the NABC and all the donors who gave to the NABC! We love the bears! Save habitats and animals from extinction!

  21. Jean Bushnell says:

    Kudos to the NABC, Lynn, Sue. Thank you.

  22. Carolyn Thomas says:

    God bless you Dr.Rogers and Sue for all the late nights and early mornings you have had.For the love you gave these bears over the years.For one baby bear that just would not have lived with out you both.Yes you have a large fan base but you all give so much to the bears and your fans.Even your families give to the cause.All for the bears.I hope you have a very long life and lots of good health .The bears need you ,and so do we.

  23. Susan M Prince says:

    Fantastic news. Congratulations to everybody. A dedicated Lily Fan

  24. Rita Clark says:

    Congratulations to St Olaf & to the NABC. What an exciting night. I stayed up past midnight. {:o) I don’t know about St Olaf other than what I have seen of the most gracious, Miss Tracy. St Olaf has much to be proud of. I DO know about the NABC. I know that I have learned more about the American Black Bear than I ever thought I wanted to know. {:o) I have been captivated since a couple of weeks before Hope was born & I have never missed an update. I continue to learn. My mind & my heart have been opened by Dr Rogers & Sue Mansfield. I respect what they do & continue to do. I can’t support them as much as I would like, financially. But they & their research team will always have my respect & my support.

    1. Mary Payne says:

      Rita – well said and I second that!

  25. Ginny S says:

    I, too, am a supporter and fan of NABC and Dr. Rogers, Sue Mansfield and all the people at the bear center. I can not support as much or as often as I would like to but I do love them and the work they are doing to educate us about black bears! I have followed every day since January of this year and have learned so very much. I congratulate NABS and St. Olaf for first and second place in this contest. I am sure it was deserved by both. Keep on keeping on and we are looking forward to the den cams this winter!!! Thank you so much for all you do.

  26. Lois in Vermont says:

    Although I live in a state that has a number of wonderful organizations, my husband and I chose to give our Christmas donation in honor of his brother to the NABC because they are so humane in the way they go about their research. We have both learned so much about bear behavior, especially that they are not to be feared, and in truth, I have fallen in love with the research bears because of the daily updates on Facebook and the photos and videos that Dr. Rogers and Sue Mansfield work so hard to get. Thank you for educating this bear lover who used to be so afraid of them I was afraid to go out in the woods. Not any more!

  27. Larry Jackson says:

    You’r a part of my family it seems.Since January i’ve never missed a update.My life has certanly changed since that morning I was watching the Today program and found out about Lily the bear and the den cam.I owe it all to Dr. Rogers and Sue. I am so proud to have you and your wonderful adminstration a part of my life.God bless you all.

  28. Allison Keenan says:

    I am from the UK, and was one of the people that donated to the NABC, on tuesday. I gave to them, as they are a big part of my life on a daily basis. When i get up in the morning the first thing I do is read the latest update. They have provided us with some information, photographs and videos. But the best thing is watching our gorgeous Hope coming into the world, on the den cam. I will continue to support them all I can, and one day hope to be able to come and visit the area and the bear centre.

  29. Clare McCuen says:

    Congratulations St. Olaf – and Congratulations NABC and Lilypadder Pals far and wide for a wonderful gathering of support yet once again. 🙂

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