ROCHESTER, Minn. (WCCO) — A man has been arrested after police said he was involved in two hit-and-run accidents in Rochester, killing one pedestrian and sending three others to the hospital.

Just after midnight Saturday, an officer on patrol spotted a green compact car speeding in the 300 block of Highway 63 South (South Broadway). The officer witnessed the car hitting two men who were walking near the intersection of 4th St. Southeast and Hwy. 63.

Both men were brought to St. Marys hospital. One 23-year-old man later died from his injuries and the second, 22 years old, was critically injured.

The suspect’s vehicle information was spread to other officers, and shortly after the first accident, police arrived on the scene of another hit-and-run at Center Street and Hwy. 63.

This time a man and woman were hurt, ages 30 and 24. Ambulances brought them to St. Marys Emergency Treatment Unit. Police said the woman is in critical condition and the man had serious injuries.

Meanwhile, a green Honda Civic was still on the scene of that crash. The driver of the car had run from the scene, but a passenger was still inside.

The driver of the car, 32-year-old Christopher Allen Trautman of Oronoco, Minn., was arrested 20 minutes later. He had some injuries to his face and was brought to St. Marys and then brought to the Adult Detention Center where he will be formally charged.

The passenger of the car was questioned and released.

Police said they believe alcohol was a factor in the case and are still investigating. Court records show in 1998, Trautman was convicted of drinking and driving at the age of 20. He also has a DWI conviction from 1999 and four speeding convictions since 1994.

Names of the victims will be released after family has been notified.

Police expect to release more information on Monday.

Comments (18)
  1. Tom says:

    Maybe….then again just as likely to be some drunk white boys too.

    I’m white but sadly think we have become the biggest racists and hypocrite around. Way to many idiots like yourself walking around hiding behind a screen. Sad

  2. pat says:

    it sounds like this driver deliberately targeted pedestrians. Could be some kind of vendetta.

    1. Melissa says:

      the perpetual ignorance and racism in Rochester Minnesota is sickening…..
      Educate yourselves people, there’s just no excuse.

  3. RICKY HICKS says:


  4. P.T. says:

    Why does anybody assume they’re recent immigrants, or illegals? 95% of the drunk and drug-impaired drivers where I live are U.S. born whites.

    Still, how about capital punishment for anybody who kills someone in a DUI?

    For plain ol’ non-fatal DUI, don’t take the license, take the CAR!!

  5. manuel r says:

    @bill m
    More like a drunk good ol’ boy. Christopher Trautman, 32 years old and white. You sure nailed that one. At least now you know how much your guesses are worth. Better luck next time.

  6. Joe says:

    Hello? Have you got eyes? The perp is white. What’s all this yammering about illegals and immigrants? Just a good ole boy behind that wheel, hon.

  7. Jacob says:

    I actually drove past the accident. There were parts everywhere when I went past it.

  8. P.T. says:

    Hey Joe. You said “Hello? Have you got eyes? The perp is white.”

    Well, when earlier comments were posted, including mine, there was no name, and no photo. ‘CCO updated the story before you came by.

  9. Mark from MNtaxwaste says:

    The way our laws are set up, this guy will only get max 7 years. We need to change the laws so a person committing murder in a car while under the influence gets the same as a person committing murder on the street. This is a joke, and a slap in the face of those he killed.

    1. Cindy says:

      Just what if it were the Death Penalty for Drinking and Driving?Would people think twice b4 getting behind the wheel or just plain Drinking?

  10. Thomas Schneider says:

    It seems to me like the guy had something against pedestrians, since he was targetting certain individuals that would make it a hate crime and would also be a federal offense. Since it happened in Minnesota he will get his hand slapped lightly, there are too many liberals up there. Nothing will bring the poor guy back to life who was killed, but just maybe a judge will see fit to keep the guy off the streets so it don’t happen again.

  11. Patty says:

    This guy was old enough to know what he was doing.He just didn’t care and he was only thinking of his self and getting drunk.Taking his license away won’t do no good I think they should put him away in Rehab. somewhere.And while he’s there watch over him and when he gets out make him go to a probabtion officer twice a week.And the first time he doesn’t show up put him back into jail.
    Keep this scrum off the street for good

  12. Cindy Hawkins says:

    This man deserves Life in Prison!!!!!! at least no parole until 20yrs…..until he is completely sober.

  13. Cindy says:

    Unfortunately with the Law Sadly to say he will prob only get only a few years and that is our Govenment /Justice system  If he can only know what this has done to these Family’s My son happens to have been pretty close to the Young man who died and he was planning on asking his GF to get married soon… This Driver took both their lives and demolished them…let him stay and think about it awhile Amen to this if you agree…but Please keep them All in your Prayers including The Driver…because he has Family too that Loves Him…Thanks for Reading…

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