ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) — Two recounts in southern Minnesota have confirmed more Republican wins for seats in the Minnesota House, adding to a new GOP majority.

One recount confirmed Republican Rich Murray as the winner of a southern Minnesota House seat that had been held the past four years by Democrat Robin Brown. Another showed Republican Kelby Woodward finishing the recount with a 37-vote edge over two-term Democratic Rep. David Bly.

On Monday, Democrat Carol Lewis conceded to Republican King Banaian (BAN’-yuhn) after recount results gave her no path to victory for a St. Cloud area seat.

The recount wins will give Republicans 72 of the House’s 134 seats beginning in January. The GOP also will have the majority in the state Senate. A recount is pending in the governor’s race.

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  1. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    Great! If we can get a few more Republicans in there they may be able to come up with a veto proof majority and then they can eliminate unemployment compensation for all the lazy bums to content to stay on the dole to go out and get one of the millions of un-filled jobs created by the fabulous Bush tax cuts.

    That is correct isn’t it?

  2. Dick S says:

    I think, regardless of being Democrat or Republican, all officials need to look at the human impact of their decisions. Cutting unemployment benefits is a horrible idea, especially at this time in our economic struggles. I used unemployment once in my 40 years of employment as a bridge to the next job. I never quit looking for something better and when I was laid off a contracted job, I took the benefit and for the next few months worked full time looking for another job. I am personally very thankful for this benefit. I kept our household intact…

    Those that want to eliminate that kind of a benefit have no idea of how devastating it can be to lose your job, have to get re-trained and maybe even in the process lose your house and transportation….Keep the benefit and weed out the abusers..

  3. Greater Minnesota says:

    Excuse me, But My husband has a job that some winters periodically he gets laid off. WE NEED THAT UNEMPLOYMENT to LIVE. To feed our kids, to cloth our kids ect. What he does is all he knows. What about the thousands on Disability or Welfare that can work and dont because they can get money for being lazy. UNEMPLOYMENT is hardly abused. Most of the people on unemployment in order to get another job will have to go back to school. Also, many of the people on unemployment are looking for jobs but are not getting hired. People that have to go on unemployment want to go back to work. Unemployment cant even pay for a single person to eat, have a place to live and keep gas in their car to get to work. Thank GOD I work when my husband gets laid off so we can live. KNOW YOUR FACTS ! Its Welfare and Disability SSI that is greatly abused. Eliminate the waste, abuse and fraud.

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