MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Denny Hecker’s girlfriend avoided going to jail on Tuesday, but just barely.

Christi Rowan and her attorney angered bankruptcy Judge Robert Kressel by submitting a pile of unsigned documents right before Tuesday’s hearing.

He said they didn’t account for how much money she got from a disputed insurance policy and how she’d spent it.

The bankruptcy trustee is trying to recover $154,000 of insurance money that Hecker cashed out after it was supposed to be frozen.

Kressel gave Rowan until a week from Friday to come up with acceptable answers. If not, she could go to jail.

Meantime, another auction of items once owned by Hecker will take place on Dec. 11. Items include ATVs, scooters, a Segway and a pair of boxing gloves. Click here to visit the auctioneer’s website.

Comments (7)
  1. Susan says:

    Toss the wench in the clinker! Why is it taking so long for this to take place, she is as bad as the crook she shaks up with!

  2. jAyDeN sHoReViEw says:

    This person needs to be put in there ASAP, she is as Guilty as he is knowing what he did and USE AND LIE about everything , SHE NEEDS TO LEARN HER LESSON TAKING WHAT IS NOT YOURS WILL LEAD YOU TO PLACE OF HELL…..Stop wasting time and throw her in there to think of all of the things she did WRONG…. EVERYBODY IS SICK OF HER S–T!!!!!!

  3. Don Abrams says:

    This has to be the most ridiculous act of all bankruptcy . There is a organized system that must be looking the other way. Denny Hecker and his ex wife Tam are two peas in a pod. Pull as many people in and blame them . What ever made this girl think he was good . This is a set up if any one knew those two the way I did . Christie rowen you should run fast . As soon as Denny and tam are done abusing you they will reunite and all the money she got they will live lavish again . It was just blaming someone else first . Christie Rowen get out and save your self . They are planners of evil with only themselves to care about.

  4. SwallowIt says:

    The goal in this BK is to make the Trustee and those around him very wealthy too. Interesting isn’t it – those that were ripped off or scammed now are getting scammed again. lol
    I still think I’d let her work off whatnot with me tho …. 😉

  5. ThomasD says:

    to jAyDeN sHoReViEw

    she snubed ya eh dude!!!. ;-)) LMAO
    must be recent as the wound seems still open. sorry to hear that

  6. kathy says:

    Don and Swallowlt you both are right on about what is happening – the ex tamitha is out buying stuff all over new home new cars and noone is paying attention it is her that should be in jail not Christi – Has anyone ever seen a BK go on for this long even GM was out of BK in less than 90 days! Get a clue people this is our money that the trustee is getting! He needs to be fired!

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