GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — A woman who reports on traffic situations in the Twin Cities is now facing possible drunken driving charges.

Fox 9 morning traffic reporter Juli Jay was pulled over by officers in Golden Valley around 3 a.m. Thursday

The police department has not yet released details of the arrest but she was brought to jail on suspicion of drunken driving.

Jay pleaded guilty to a DWI back in 2005 and had to pay a $300 fine.

The Golden Valley City Attorney says charges in this latest arrest are expected on Friday.

Comments (16)
  1. Jo says:

    When will folks learn to DRINK AT HOME

    1. Bill Crosby says:

      When they’re willing to just be raging alcoholics instead of social drinkers

  2. Sad Fact says:

    How strange…she looks better in her mugshot then she does on TV!

    1. BB says:

      This might be the scariest comment yet….is she a royal skank?

  3. Fascism says:

    Minnesota cashes in on drunk driving, that’s why buses quit running so early, and you don’t see drinking places not getting tax breaks for taxi and shuttle services.

  4. mark from says:

    Wow, This is news? Is she the first person in Minnesota to get a DWI?

    1. Jane Swanson says:

      obviously its the fact that she’s a Traffic reporter for a news station is why it makes news.

      1. MandiT says:

        Not to mention the hour and the fact she’d be doing…lol…some work soon. Maybe driving a company vehicle even, maybe not.

        Hey – does it matter. She was drunk so if they pick it up they can always run with it IMO. Drink and drive – ya pay if caught. Simple enough to avoid

  5. Jim says:

    people should not be so quick to judge. she is human like all of us. None of us have ever had a drink and got in a car. this state would have no consumption allowed at all. that is where this is going.

  6. Greg Laden says:

    All we really need to know is this: When her car was pulled over, did it cause a traffic tie-up that was then reported on the news? If not, this ain’t news. Except the part about the buses not running late.

  7. Minnesota says:

    We are all human even new’s anchor’s, lawyer’s judges and cop’s we all make mistakes ? so let’s not crucify anybody ok ?? people make bad choices somtime’s

  8. Friend of Bill says:

    Can’t think of a bigger NonStory……….who cares? Hope she learns…..I got lucky, should have had thousands of them and never got one……….

  9. Could have not been here today says:

    whats not listed here is that she almost hit a propane fill tank had it not been for the gaurd posts surrounding it at a local service station that would have taken her and all those at the station lives! I REALLY Hope she learns her lesson

  10. HappyGuy says:

    I’m human and drink but in 30 years of doing so I can say I aslo have never put a key in the ignition when after 2 drinks. Why be dumb???????

  11. jodi says:

    Obviously most of you have never pulled a body out of a car after a drunk driver hits it. It is never the drunk you have to pull out of a car either. It is someone innocent. Drunks are worthless and should stay in jail…oh ya, I work in one of those. So come see me and see how much sympathy you will get. Anyone who drinks and drives should go straight to hell. And btw, Jim, I have never driven after drinking. Some people are responsible.

  12. Mark says:

    problem with drinkers is they all think alike. somehow they always are the victim and defend others too. most likely they have that internal fear that their day shall come and they need support from fellow users I guess.

    agree jodi – they spend a day in a morgue or doing some emergency work they often learn and dance a different dance. if not they are hopeless losers

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