WHITEFISH BAY, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin postal carrier says he simply wanted to cheer up a woman on his mail rounds who seemed “stressed out.” But, upon further review, the postal worker says delivering the mail in the nude probably wasn’t such a good idea.

A police report says the 52-year-old man told the woman he would deliver the mail to her office in Whitefish Bay completely naked to make her laugh. He says the woman dared him to do it, so he took the dare Dec. 4 and brought the mail wearing only a smile.

The mail carrier was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior several days later at the North Shore Post Office. The Journal Sentinel says the man admitted delivering the mail naked was a stupid thing to do.

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  1. Mrs Killer says:

    iI wouldn’t mind, IF he was in good shape for 52. Oh wait, my hubby is 52 and I certainly wouldn’t mind him delivering dinner in the buff….

    1. Susan L. says:

      I don’t think I would object, if he’s cute. I’m 25 with a good sense of humor.

    2. Jack says:

      The real question here is, did she really say that she wanted this. It could just have been his story to save himself some embarassment. I mean, how many people flirt with their mailman to the point where they dare him to deliver mail in the nude? On the other hand, if an attractive woman dared me to deliver her mail naked I would do it and would have a ball doing it! :0)

      P.S. (I’m in great shape and have some very nice assets! lol ;o) )

    3. Jack says:

      On the other hand, if I was doing that naked in winter, I would really be hoping that she would invite me in, if for nothing else than some hot cocoa!

      1. Susan L. says:

        Jack, if you’re like 52 and in good shape you can deliver letters to my mail box but coming in for hot cocoa? How about a nice eggnog? I’m fond of daring guys.

  2. Bill says:

    Only in Wisconsin.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Haha agreed! And she WANTED it!

  3. JamieinMN says:

    Lol, not to hate on WI or anything…but why is it always CRAZY people from WI doing CRAZY things?!?!?!!

    1. john0990 says:

      Well, at least he didn’t sexually assault a 9-month-old infant like that guy from the Twin Cities…

      1. JamieinMN says:

        Oh because there are no child molesters in WI right?!?!?!! They probably keep it all in the family…STFU.

      2. tiredandretired says:

        Touche! There are goofballs everywhere. No one state has a monopoly on the human condition, but some people (and media sources) are obviously biased in their perceptions of it.

    2. tiredandretired says:

      Why is it that Minnesota media always reports these things when they happen in Wisconsin? There have been equally goofy occurrences in Minnesota, but they don’t pay much attention to them. Obviously, there is a media bias.

      1. JamieinMN says:

        Because Minnesota is waaaaaaaaay better! ;-P

      2. Ralph says:

        If this happened in California no one would notice. Only rare events get reported.

    3. fishman says:

      Like electing Al Franken.

    4. Merv says:

      Remember Ed Gein?

      1. john0990 says:

        Remember Carl Panzram? Or Donald Blom? Or the kid on Woodbury who plotted to kill his neighbor and cut off his eyelids? Or Jeff Weise? The list goes on…

    5. Paco says:

      Because you don’t read the news from Ohio.

    6. WI ROX says:

      That’s cuz WE ARE CRAZY in Wisco!!!!….CRAZY FUN THAT IS!!!!!

    7. Alejandro Lupus says:

      Yeah! Next thing you know, they’ll elect a former pro wrestler to be governor or something.

    8. Ralph says:

      MN should not condescend to WI. Look at the string of losers MN sends to the US Senate!

    9. John says:

      It’s not just WI. It’s all of the land locked states. Maybe they don’t get enough air.

    10. JessicainMN says:

      Well, to be fair, of course it is the crazy people who do crazy things. You’ll notice the normal people in Wisconsin do normal things. 🙂

  4. Jayne Geis says:

    OH I hope he doesn’t get fired. its nice to see someone think out side of the box or in this case out side the boxers! LOL! granted it wasn’t the smartest idea but it was nice of him to try to make someone elses day a little brighter.

    1. Pattijo63 says:

      “its nice to see someone think out side of the box or in this case out side the boxers!”

      That’s funny!

      The article doesn’t state if she was cheered up or not. I appreciate a man who can follow through.

      1. PM of Donuts says:

        did you say someone was outside the box; then how could he deliver his “Junk” male.

    2. tiredandretired says:

      If he wanted to “brighten” her day, he should have worn Christmas lights on his…
      “package.” That would definitely qualify as “special delivery.” LOL

      1. Twinsfan says:

        Where would he plug it in? 🙂

      2. PutItWhere? says:

        Batteries stuffed in his… mailbag?

      3. Ralph says:

        See, it is obvious this guy cheered up more than the deliveree!!

  5. NMRinMN says:

    Well, when I read this to my cube mates, we all got a good laugh out of it, so, his “nude” not leud beavior brought a smile to all of us!

  6. tiredandretired says:

    Fired? Not likely. We had one get drunk on the job and ran the mail truck into a house. He then stumbled out and passed out on their front lawn. He got a suspension, but kept his job.

  7. Richar says:

    Good for him, for warned!! could be entrapment

    1. tiredandretired says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if she is the one who called the cops about it.

  8. Jimmy says:


    1. JamieinMN says:

      Hahahah! Good one! 😀

      1. john0990 says:

        JamieinMN, of course there are child molesters in WI, but your question about why there’s always CRAZY people doing CRAZY things in WI seems to imply that none of that stuff happens in MN. It obviously does. No need to tell me to STFU. Please feel free to make fun of WI all you want. Just remember that WI doesn’t make fun of MN because they just really couldn’t give a rat’s a$$ about MN. You Minnesotans’ need to constantly mention or ridicule Wisconsin smacks of a very strong inferiority complex.

  9. cs says:

    Maybe he is trying to deliver a special “package”

  10. Awsome says:

    At least he had the curage to do it in person, not like Favre who had to send a txt msg. the man made me smile and laugh today. I hope he doesn’t get fired!

  11. TurningBlue says:

    He couldn’t come up with a good joke (other than between his legs) to make her smile?!!!

  12. Allow for Shrinkage says:

    Today’s high here in Las Vegas is 70. What was the temp when he made his “special delivery?”

  13. Marty Deffner says:

    a new way of going postal ! no one got hurt right ? well let me take that one back… LOL LOL

  14. Marty Deffner says:

    a new way of going postal ! no one got hurt right ? well let me take that one back… LOL LOL

  15. Dash says:

    …”lewd and lascivious behavior? Chill out people.

  16. Rationalist says:

    People nowadays are absolutely lacking morals and common sense!

    1. Xena says:

      that is so true, and i’m shocked to see all the people who think this is funny…what is so funny about it? Gross, and old naked mailman…yuck!

      1. tiredandretired says:

        …as oppose to a young naked mailman? Looks like you would be open to this approach, with the right male man. LOL

  17. Gordon says:

    May give new meaning to “going postal”.

  18. Marty Deffner says:

    i would have done it but it would have been .return to sender LOL

  19. Norman56 says:

    Well, at least you know he wasn’t carrying a concealed weapon…

  20. june says:

    Come on who cares. Why is this being reported now, way after the fact? Who reported the authorities is what I would like to know!

  21. Kevin Stowell says:

    Given who the current president is and how absent of sound judgement Regressivism is, tread lightly my fellow Americans, this person maybe your next president–he’s already as qualified.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      Can’t we have ONE discussion on here, without turning political? Give it a rest, Kevin!

  22. raneman says:

    He brought her a package to get her cheese.

  23. monarch says:

    Come smell our dairy air!

  24. Smitty says:

    “Hey honey, here’s a REAL delivery!!”

  25. Mike says:

    As long as the guy has a hot body….WHO CARES!!! Nothing wrong with nudity. This country is so screwed up in its priorities. We have no problem watching someones head getting blown off on TV.

  26. typicalwhiteguy says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term “junk” mail…

  27. coldsoutherner says:

    nice to see some one has the Balls to keep their word..

  28. craige9925 says:

    For Jamie in MN…..Minnesota better than WSI…oh yeah with the likes of Al Franken and Jesse Ventura being elected!! That’s worse than any sex predator roamioing around in WI

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Really? “oh yeah with the likes of Al Franken and Jesse Ventura being elected!! ” Old news d000d, old news.

      1. john0990 says:

        Old news but unfortunately still relevant…

  29. misterbee says:

    I worked as a Rural Mail Carrier for over 20 years. I recall once expressing concern to my supervisor about the possibility of being fired over a relatively minor mistake. My boss looked at me, began laughing, and finally said, “When’s the last time you heard of anybody here being fired?” I couldn’t.

  30. jack green says:

    little cold to being doing that in Wisconsin in December. Brrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  31. astralweeks says:

    Special delivery!

  32. Sean Patriot says:

    God please let Al Qeada nuke The Jersey Shore

  33. Chris says:

    She should marry him. Any guy who does that to cheer you up is a rare find.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      I agree, Chris. It’s the least she could do, after setting him up like this.

  34. Phil says:

    Get a life people! This is something to laugh about, not someting to get all upset about.

  35. Ben Dover says:

    Let’s see…Wisconsin in December….frostbitten MEMBER…

  36. Patrick says:

    At least it’s harder for a postal worker to conceal a weapon in the buff. I prefer nude unarmed postal workers to armed going postal workers.

  37. CJ says:

    At his age and as cold as it was I doubt they can prove indecent exposure.


    NAKED MAIL FAN CLUB @ http://www.CREWCLUB.net

  39. Teddy Kennedy's SEARCH+RESCUE says:

    Our Founder once delivered Christmas Cheer Naked. See pictures @ http://www.FATBOY.cc

  40. Rocky says:

    He was just tryin to make a special delivery!! not sure about package size in that cold weather!

  41. Darrel says:

    Frosty the mailman. The postal union will cover his butt.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      Too late!

  42. Bullet to the ocean says:

    What the heck is in the water in Wisconsin? First a guy blows his TV out with a gun because Bristol Palin was voted in on “Dancing with the Stars”. Then, a guy’s wife bites his tongue off while kissing him. And now this, all within a couple of weeks!!

    Wisconsin. What a strange place….

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Hahahaha Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!

    2. john0990 says:

      I’d take them over the wackjobs you have in MN any day of the week.

    3. tiredandretired says:

      Yeah, but it was all the same guy. He used to be Governor of Minnesota.

  43. Matt McLaughlin says:

    return to sender, big time.

  44. Bubba says:

    The lady refused to accept the package he wanted to deliver.

  45. David Monreal says:

    I’m a Southern California mail carrier where the weather is balmy. Delivering mail in the nude might be the way to go. Think of all the money the postal service would save on uniforms. I say with a little impulse-management counseling this guy would be good to go.

  46. chris says:

    He should have just kept his undies on… could have delivered the same message minus the lewd conduct etc… i think now he has to register as a sex offender. 🙁

  47. WarEagle says:

    This clown could be looking at felony sex offenses that could lead him to having to register as a convicted sex offender for the rest of his life.

    STUPID does not begin to describe this moron!

  48. James in VA says:

    I hope he didn’t leave any “Wisconsin cheese” on the seat.

  49. Friskies says:

    As I live in the country and no body would know he can come on down south and deliver mine in the nude. I would love that. ha

  50. Davidtoo says:

    This will be a new cost cutting measure….all mail should now be required to be delivered in the nude!!

  51. Phil Cessac says:

    I think my clothes were mailed to you….Can you check and see in this package?

  52. Chuck Curry says:

    You can’t fire government employees silly! Not before their pensions mature!

  53. This package is FRAGILE….do not bend.

  54. Lovekraft says:

    I thought the term “mailman’ was sexist! Oh yeah, I forgot. Only when it serves feminist’s purposes.

  55. Ioana Hortiu says:

    52 year old naked doesn’t sound pleasant:)))and in winter, i don’t know if it’s cold there but still, i don’t think he should be fired thou 🙂

  56. Tom says:

    This gives a new meaning to junk mail.

    1. jaime in wi says:

      Utu you may b right but ur still 10,000 lake mistake

  57. Mark says:

    How dare a mailman try to cheer up a customer after he got her permission to do so!

  58. patti j says:

    GROSS and SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Elijah Rocks says:

    Arrested several days later? Wonder who made the complaint?

  60. Luke Worham says:

    Balls of fire…Hemust be Nuts

  61. Nico says:

    Too funny! Maybe I should dare my mailman to do the same… wait… mine is a mail woman. Darn!

  62. POSTMASTER says:

    Give the guy credit….he took her up on her dare! Be careful what you wish for!
    Power to posties everywhere!

  63. put1@cox.net says:

    Some days you feel like a nut….some days you don’t

  64. Outsider says:

    Isn’t it like 20 below in WI right now???

  65. Potter says:

    He probably was a Supervisor.

  66. cordstreet says:

    I’m confused. I thought Missouri was the “show me” state.

    I’ll go check my mail now…..

  67. Rebecca says:

    Well no one can accuse him of carrying a Concealed Weapon

  68. PM of Donuts says:

    He’s definitely outside the box, with his “junk” male. That’s what she said.

  69. Regina says:

    In his 50’s, he had no shame
    She called and complained
    Was pretty lame
    It twas a dare
    She was aware
    He hadn’t a care
    He served her bare
    Wonder if she stood

  70. BULLENSIGN says:

    “Neither rain nor snow, or lack of clothes….”

  71. mystic says:

    He did it to prove he was mail not femail.

  72. tiredandretired says:

    Wrong discussion topic, Hank. Get a life!

  73. tiredandretired says:

    If he had delivered the mail nude to Tiger Woods, do you think it would have made his putter flutter?

  74. juan twothree says:

    Hey, supposedly, the Post Office is running n the RED and will be broke shortly…so all this guy did was save the P.O. money by nt havng to by empployees’ uniforms….millions of bucks saved..

  75. el polacko says:

    oh big deal.. she dared him and he did it.. all in good fun. who was harmed here?? nobody. people need to lighten up.

  76. Cliff Claven says:

    The paper failed to mention that he was holding two cups of coffee and a dozen doughnuts.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      …without a bag, right? Was he also flying the American flag?

  77. randito says:

    In Wisconsin? He’ll freeze his stamps off!

    1. tiredandretired says:

      No he won’t; we breed ’em tough,, here. All Wisconsinites are born with “Forever” stamps. 🙂

      1. jaime in wi says:

        FORWARD? what a dumm state motto. No wonder the poor underappreciated state employee had a momentary lapse of reason. rofl. jk.

  78. Puldrection says:

    You’ll never guess how he measures how deep the snow is in ole Whitefish Bay!!!LOL

  79. tim says:

    Sure, laugh it up. How harmless you may think. What if he was carrying a bomb in his ASS? If he is capable of walking around naked he is capable of hiding a bomb in his ASS. Save us! Save us from the terrorists! They are everywhere!

  80. Sage says:

    Apparently, this guy must be very proud of his junk because he wasn’t even concerned about the “shrinkage” factor in Wisconsin in the middle of December.

  81. Kevin says:

    Take this as a warning you feminized men. Take a dare from a US woman, and you end up arrested.. Feminized foos….

  82. TCforPrez says:

    She probably laughed, nervously, when he suggested it but I can tell you as a woman, when he actually did it, it scared the bejeebus out of her. He didn’t do it to cheer her up, people – he was making a lewd pass at her! Creep.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      Possibly, but you appear to be assuming a lot. Some women are so brazen that they could make a gigolo blush.

  83. Uncle Same says:

    You can fire federal and other government employees, there’s just due process involved.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      Right. Too many don’t want to believe that, or can’t understand it, though.

  84. Male Man says:

    This is one civil servant who has a recently heightened awareness of the ‘penal’ code.

  85. Cupcake says:

    Based on the very cold weather we are having, doubt anyone say much anyway!

  86. Shrugged says:

    I think the woman who dared him should be an accessory to the crime. His ‘accessory didn’t act alone!

  87. Gary says:

    Nude is not Lewd but will reveal short comings.

  88. Sandy says:

    Good thing he didn’t do this door to door in the Wisconsen winter. Could not have cheered her up that much. Would not have been much to see….Ya Think?

  89. TK says:

    Don’t count on it, they can be caught drinking and or doing drugs on the job and they can’t get fired. Thank you unions and arbitrators. Also, the Post Office does not have any more “defined benefit plans” anymore. They contribute to their retirement now. The Post Office is paid for by user fees taking no money from the taxpayer yet. However, the Postmaster General has been asking congress now for a couple years for legislative help, to no avail with a Democrat Congress.

  90. The Bobster says:

    In December, I’d worry about significant shrinkage.

  91. dwhite says:

    You don’t know the USPS. He’ll be drawn and quartered.

  92. FLM says:

    Well at least been C.O.D ( COLLECT ON DELIVERY)

  93. CamdensGramps says:

    Should of at least kept his tighty whities on.

  94. Aunt Bee says:

    Now this is news. Never mind the depression that is in its second year, the 2 illegal wars and the absolute brazen theft of trillions of dollars by the FED and Goldman Sachs.

    Everything is fine, go back to sleep.


  95. markw says:

    “Fired? Not likely. We had one get drunk on the job and ran the mail truck into a house. He then stumbled out and passed out on their front lawn. He got a suspension, but kept his job.”

    Yay…..let’s hear it for Unions…keeping the incompetent employed at inflated wages and pensions for decades

  96. Quinientos says:

    She was probably laughing because It’s really cold in WI if you catch my drift.

  97. tcfet says:

    Sad thing is he will probably be listed as a sex offender, public nudity is all it takes to get on the list.

    And for all the naysayers, lighten up we all need a good laugh even though crap is happening all around us.

  98. Jasonn says:

    In this cold weather there probably wasn’t much left to see.

  99. John says:

    Oh I donno… the kids these days do far worst things put it on u-tube and people give them millions of views and say how funny it is. I think we all take ourselfs to seriously. I think it was quite funny.

  100. Chalkline says:

    And who reported him? Presumably not the one he was cheering up!

    No reason to take punitive action against the mail carrier…poor judgment, yes, but he was egged on.

  101. JB says:

    Sounds like he’s ready to run for Congress

  102. JB says:

    Given the fact that this took place in Wisconsin and it was probably 10 degrees… he probably wasn’t “all that offensive” 🙂

  103. BigRon says:

    Maybe it was Brett Favre in his new job delivering his package.

  104. carl says:

    was she cheered up at all?

  105. faamecanic says:


    Don’t count on it, they can be caught drinking and or doing drugs on the job and they can’t get fired. Thank you unions and arbitrators. Also, the Post Office does not have any more “defined benefit plans” anymore. They contribute to their retirement now. The Post Office is paid for by user fees taking no money from the taxpayer yet. However, the Postmaster General has been asking congress now for a couple years for legislative help, to no avail with a Democrat Congress.”

    Baloney… is that why the Postal Workers pay 10% of what I do for my Fed Employee Health Plan (over $500/mo for a family of 2 whereas you pay what…. $50)….

    Everyone thinks the Fed employees are overpaid…the thing the news left out is that out Health insurance is HIGHER than most civilan companies.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      Very true!

  106. vic says:

    Who filed the complaint?? Maybe the sad lady was even more sadder when seeing the postman naked?

  107. John says:

    You can’t fire a government worker….no matter how worthless, dishonest,and pathetic they are….I know I’ve worked for the government.

  108. Bill says:

    Brett Farve Has a new job Junk Mail ,Give new meaning to. i have a package for you

  109. JamieinMN says:

    All of these Wisconsinites got their Camo panties in bunches ;-D Bwahahahaha!

  110. vaag says:

    My mailman is a woman. I’d love to see her in the buff.

  111. Lysander says:

    Big deal. people need to lighten up a little. If the woman made the complaint,
    she’s more disgusting than the postal worker.

  112. tadchem says:

    If this had been a woman, they would have called her a ‘letter carrier’ instead of a ‘mailman’, and nobody would have complained.

  113. robertg222 says:

    So did the woman laugh?

    1. Maria L says:

      she saw no humor in it due to size 😉

  114. CK says:

    How sad you people are. This guy is being compared to sick kids who threaten to cut off eye lids and other murderers and sex offenders. ARE YOU PEOPLE LOONS? So what, a grown naked man! There were no children present. There was no assault. There was a joke that was made literal in an effort to better someones mood. I applaud the guys attempt. Obviously it was not a very good idea and for him to get some form of punishment by his employers would be expected. He could and maybe should even be fired, however that is not for us to decide. His motives DO matter. Who was the victim? You crazy unforgiving liberal tools would hang a man for a joke based on a single article that you read but demand that a murderer like OJ be released because a glove didn’t fit. Nothing you do or say makes sense. CRAZY LOONS!

    1. tiredandretired says:

      “Liberal tools”? Why do you assume that his detractors on here are liberal? You sound pretty liberal to me, as a liberal perspective would be more accepting and forgiving of his actions. Maybe you need to re-think your assumption, here.

  115. Tim says:

    LOL, this guy was just hoping the woman was serious when she dared him to show up naked and that she had a fantasy about mailmen. REJECTED!

  116. George says:

    I’m in no position to judge… I’m from NJ.

  117. sde says:

    There must have been significant shrinkage.

  118. jnsesq says:

    Apart from any aesthetic issues, the only reason this is news at all is because of our Puritanical views of sex and nudity. Sounds to me like a harmless prank played on a willing, if not eager, recipient.

  119. james says:

    I’m a postie and believe me you would be amazed at how people show up at their doors when I ring their bell. And no I don’t ring twice.

  120. Adam Smith says:

    Amazing for someone to be able to walk around delivering mail nude in Minnesota in winter. Apparently a cold tolerant guy.

  121. Alosia says:

    Frickin’ cheesehead…

  122. Don says:

    If a female mail carrier did this, everyone would laugh. But it would be extremely unlikely she would be arrested. Typical anti-male gender bias.

    1. OH MY says:

      me thinks it may depend on what the woman looks like. lol

      gagging now … what if it was a she-he

  123. bluebutt says:

    Media bias????? Is the media biased about stuff?

  124. Atom&Yves says:

    He will still be allowed to vote Democrat in 2012.

    1. BettyBoob says:

      but he’s a Republican and even had a buttom on his bottom.
      so did the gal who dared him but she had 2 of them on, kinda like GOP pasties

  125. James Stutsman says:

    no need to wonder what is in the mailman’s sack anymore……

    1. MariaP says:

      assuming he was carrying the sack. wifey may have removed before he left for the day 😉

  126. Patrick says:

    Like my package? nyuk, nyuk

  127. DejaNude says:

    There must have been others involved in this incident for the mailman to be arrested for such conduct. Given the account of the little bits to the story we know, this man was dared to do so, yet he was arrested for lewd behavior? This does not make sense because the act of being lewd is to draw attention to the parts with the intent of arousal. Given the circumstances, the mail man did it on the pretenses of it being a simple dare not to expose himself. The lady asked for it. So…there must be some details left out of this scenario for him to be arrested and cited for lewd behavior. Just because a person is naked does not mean that person is trying to draw attention to his/per parts. Humans have a second nature tendency to look at the parts because we hide them from any other human being even while they are God given and natural parts of our human species.

    Look at the situation in San Francisco for example: men can walk around naked anywhere and the officers cannot arrest them. This is due to the fact that it is our first right amendment to do so unless there were notations in his employer agreement which state otherwise since he is a federal employee. Then again, it is legal to go nude on any federal land in any state.

    For more information google the story : “San Francisco Cops Can’t Force Naked Men to Put on Clothes”

    It’s natural…not lewd.

  128. DejaNude says:

    These comments are far more lewd then the initial act of the mailman.

  129. MAILMAN ID says:

    yall are not seeing the big picture here! HE WASN’T WEARING AN id BADGE

  130. karen says:

    it’s just our largest organ — the skin i mean. if he did no physical harm lets save another naked child in sudan and up the tally of (as the mailman believed) good cheer.

  131. paul says:

    This sounds like a case of CFnm.

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