MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Students in the Twin Cities are returning to school Wednesday after two days off in the aftermath of one of Minnesota’s biggest snow storms.

St. Paul Public Schools Superintendent Valeria Silva defended her decision to cancel classes Tuesday for a second day, a move that was criticized by Mayor Chris Coleman. Silva said she “can’t apologize for trying to ensure a student’s safety.”

Coleman said the decision placed an undue burden on parents.

In Minneapolis, a spokesman for Mayor R.T. Rybak tells Minnesota Public Radio News that the mayor would support whatever decision was made.

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Comments (6)
  1. St. Paul resident says:

    Dear Chris Coleman: REALLY???? You think the streets of St. Paul are plowed so well and it was unnecessary to cancel school again yesterday??? Then explain to me why I just got back from dropping my daughter and her bus stop friend off at school because the bus got stuck blocks away from her stop…..
    I feel bad that I don’t have a bigger car so I couldn’t stop and get the kids at the remaining stops that were standing out in the cold for God knows how long waiting…… Yeah, this is working well. I’d rather have the parents figuring out day care issues than have my daughter stuck on a freezing bus miles from home.

  2. Laughing in the 'burbs says:

    You are lead by an absolute moron and hypocrite. Toss him out when you can

  3. MariaP says:

    I watch, listen and chuckle to be truthfull. Coleman will be the first to demand this or that dependent on the number of calls he receices to his line.
    Today , God forbid , if a youngster was hit or somehow injured due to poor visiblity or a car hits a rut and careens into them … he will be demanding an accountabilty as to WHY WAS SCHOOL OPEN ! ! ! 😉

    You folks in the TC’s really have the Twin Clowns running the show. We all feel really sorry for you.

  4. MandiT says:

    Coleman cannot decide whether he totally embraces all aspects of socialism or just parts. Today he may put on his flip-flops. Or not.
    MPLS has RT the Socialist too of course. He’s undecided today on anything. The next murder he’ll be front center though and mugging for all to see.
    Pity is all I have for those inside a City. Guess it’s your choice but WHY? ;-o

    1. Spencer says:

      You are stupid. I mean really, really stupid.

  5. daycaremom says:

    Every schools first priority should be their students, not the parents. We live in MN and every parent should expect a few snow days and they should be prepared for it. They should have a backup plan for those days and if they don’t, that’s their own problem.
    I worked in a school where the Principal should have cancelled school due to a huge snowstorm, but he didn’t because he was thinking of the parents and how hard it would be for them to either stay home or find someone to watch their children. Needless to say, many buses got stuck and there was an accident that involved some students.