LANDFALL, Minn. (AP) — A mobile home park of about 700 residents incorporated as a city is among Minnesota’s poorest communities.

More than a quarter of the residents in Landfall live in poverty, which the federal government defines as individual income of about $11,000 or less. The city is east of St. Paul on Tanner’s Lake.

While income may be low, residents say Landfall is also very affordable. Josh Mars moved to Landfall from St. Paul with his young son about a year ago. Mars says he was able to quit a second job and spend more time with his son since his move to Landfall.

Minnesota Public Radio News says Mayor Greg Feldbrugge defines his job as part handyman, part social worker. The mayor sets up regular bus trips to the food pantry.

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Comments (9)
  1. bw Paddler says:

    Slip of the typewriter? LandfAll is the name of the city, not LandfIll.

  2. J Lee says:

    Not sure exactly what your getting at with this article? Are we assuming because this area is below the federal poverty line that these people are unhappy? That their life style is something we should help them out of? It reads too me that Josh Mars and his son have found a great place to live thats affordable and they can spend time together. I think people are more important and able to judge whats best for them than some Buracratic assumtion that because people are under the poverty line, they are less hapy and need help.

    1. Andrew L says:

      J Lee — no need to over-think a simple story about an area that is pretty much a poverty area. Period.
      Census shows it, number of free lunches, etc all support it.
      Article is no more nor less than stating the income and a brief description of a player or 2.
      I read nothing into it but then I don’t go into reading an article with an attitude there is always more to it or one assumes that to be the case. Cannot something be read simply for what it is?

  3. Michele says:

    It does become news if developers and government try to zone them out of existence. It’s something that mobile home courts have to deal with all the time. People can live in a place their whole lives, love it, maintain it, and the land is taken right out from under them.

    So, what would have been a good conclusion to this article, IMO, is that if this mobile home court, and others like it, aren’t protected, the taxpayer will be paying even more to house, feed and otherwise support people who were trying to support themselves.

    And I think J Lee does have a point. Just because the lifestyle of these people does not fit the ideal suburban dream, does not mean it’s not a valid one. There’s neighborhood, there’s community. I think it would be good if we could learn from the lessons of Rondo.

    1. common sense says:

      nice lake front property worth the big bucks

  4. Tom Willard says:

    Easy there J Lee! Your gonna hurt yourself with the self indulgent commentary. Like Andrew says. It’s just a story. No one is coming to get you. Not everything in a government trap or conspiracy. Relax!!

  5. Concerned says:

    ‘Thanks Mayor Greg’ We differently need more jobs! Maybe then Greg can set up regular bus trips to help get people to work or further their education. Even start a community garden.

  6. Roll up Your Sleeves says:

    700 Landfall people could start a business to show the rest of the world by example we rock here in Minnesota! Not only is Minnesota full of God fearing people but they are bright, educated and unemployed.

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