By Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Friday afternoon, the Minnesota Vikings announced new plans to add more seats to TCF Bank Stadium Monday.

Vikings Vice President of Sales and Marketing Steve LaCroix announced the team will be able to accommodate just fewer than 54,000 fans.

In the new plan, 3,000 fans will be able to watch from a standing room-only area in the open end zone.

“We are trying to get that crowd from 63,000 (at Mall of America Field) down to just under 54,000. We feel very confident that we’re going to be in a nice zone there,” said LaCroix. “At this point we can’t guarantee that, but again we are feeling very confident that there is going to be no one turned away.”

The team announced earlier this week that Monday’s tickets are general admission and seats are a first-come, first-serve basis until the space runs out.

But some season ticket holders say that leaves them out in the cold.

Anoka resident Marian Owens has been a season ticket holder for 30 years. Monday would have marked her 240th game, most of them in the same seats.

“After 30 years and we’re looking at over $40,000 we have invested in this team, and that’s what we get is general admission, stand in line at 4 o’clock? And then you aren’t even guaranteed that you’re going to get a seat. I guess I am at a loss,” said Owens.

Owens said the Vikings should have left season ticket holders with some sort of priority seats.

“I feel that they betrayed us on that part,” Owens said from her living room, where she has a purple Vikings Christmas tree. “They say they care about the fans, but do they really? Phone calls haven’t been returned, e-mails, none of that.”

She says come Monday, it won’t be just the weather that’s bitter. She isn’t sure she will attend the game on principle.

“It’s left a bad taste and I bet I am not alone,” she said.

LaCroix acknowledged it’s not an ideal situation, but he emphasized it is the team’s best option. He also says season ticket holders are eligible for refunds.

“You hope that ‘Minnesota Nice’ prevails,” said LaCroix. “It’s our 50th celebration, our last home game of the year. We are outdoors on national TV.”

LaCroix also says Williams Arena will be used as a warming house and space to watch the pregame or to protect fans from weather. However, it’s up to fans to dress warmly.

Friday, the Vikings also announced they have added about 100 extra entry gates for fans to pass through. They’ve also added extra security.

WCCO-TV’s Lindsey Seavert Reports

Comments (33)
  1. Kwai Chang Caine says:

    I find the whole thing, Stimulating!

  2. jilly says:

    Really? What do you expect from the vikings???

  3. matman72 says:

    just a ploy to get a new stadium

    1. johnnycmoun says:

      Ya ubetcha der den matman72, Ziggy called up der to moder nature and asked to snow bout 20 some inches on da top of da roof so it would collapse den he could use it as a ploy to get a new stadium…. what da who da!!!! If you been to the Metrodome lately you would agree with 90% of the Viking fans that we need a new stadium the useful life is completed and with the amount of money we spend on this game we (fans) deserve better.

  4. Greg says:

    Would the better option be Indy? That is a long commute for a home game. I think not.

  5. Greg says:

    To be fair Everybody else got their new venue why is footballl treated like the red-headed step-child?

    1. v says:

      because the vikings suck .

    2. DRL says:

      The Twins got their new venue because Hennepin County taxpayers were betrayed by their county commissioners. They got the sales tax increase without the normal requirement to submit it to the voters. The county commissioners knew that if the tax increase would have been put to a vote it would be rejected and there would have been no new Twins stadium. As for the Gophers? Last I checked, the University was a state owned entity supported by tax dollars. Where is the state (or public) ownership of the Vikings? Green Bay plays in a much older stadium….but Green Bay is a publicly owned team and therefore they don’t get the threat of new stadium or we move every 15 years.

      1. Angel Andrews says:

        yes, but green bay ALSO spent millions of dollars to upgrade and expand the facilities at lambeau very recently, so technically, It is a much newer facility overall…

  6. Michele Ostrum Vorwerk says:

    Really? That’s the toughest thing you have to worry about in life, whether or not you get priority seating at a frickin football game? wow….

    1. Andrew says:

      Clearly you missed the point.

    2. Gardyismycopilot says:

      Ditto…maybe she hasn’t seen the gaping holes in the roof of the Metrodome! Geez, why can’t the fans be happy there is a very new and nearby stadium to go to. Be happy the tears didn’t happen during a game. Mother Nature’s evil plans sometimes happen. Roll with it.

  7. Suzie says:

    I agree with Michele — it is a football game — and it is Minnesota during a really snowy December — seems like they are trying their best in this situation. Where is your Christmas spirit, people?

  8. Jesse V. says:

    Wah, Wah, Wah, you can drink your beer at home and watch the game in the comfort of your recliner. Get over it.

  9. Greg f says:

    clearly this person is addicted to the vikings.

  10. spacee says:

    How about: Get your refund, buy some cocktails and chow of your choice, give the rest to charity, invite family and friends , sit home and watch the game on your nice big TV. Hope the Vikings win. Feel pretty good.

  11. Bad Idea says:

    im pissed that they are opening the gates to lower level ticket holders first!!! they will have people taking 1st row of the 50 yard line on the upper level before upper level holders are even let in the gate… bad bad bad. Wil not be renewing season tickets for next year.

  12. Bad Idea says:

    Bad Idea to let lower level ticket holders in before uppers. all the premium upper level seating will be filled by the time rightful upper holders are let in the gates. Wont be renewing my season tickets next year!!!!

    1. jkbdpt says:

      i think we have a closet Packer fan here…

  13. kathleen hirsch says:

    What a Wihiner!! Would they rather the game wasn’t played. Everyone has worked hard to make the best plans under the circumstances. What is their problem? I can think of a few starting with her apparent obsession with the Vikings and loss of perspective.

  14. pdiddy says:

    Do they even think, that after the way the season has gone so far, that all of the season ticket holders will show up to the game? How many of them traveled to Detroit last week to see that game? I’m sure the Vikings will refund this week’s game tickets to anyone who chooses not to go, which will allow the extra room for those who do wish to go. Even though it’s in Minnesota, how many of the fans are able to sit through a 3 plus hour game in sub freezing temps, with no beer?
    I say stay home, or go to a local bar and watch. No one is giving the Vikes a chance to win the game anyway….Did you hear that Joe Webb…No pressure

    1. Mike says:

      The commute is a litlte shorter to TCF Stadium than to Detroit. I’m sure it won’t take $250 in gas to get to the stadium like it did to take a plane to Detroit. I would love to go to this historic game and test my limits to see if I can wear as many layers as possible to survive 3 hours of football.

  15. Ted A. says:

    I had the same thought. Did they go to Detroit last week? Will they ask for their money back this week? If they are that upset give up the season tickets next year someone else will buy the whole season no matter where the team plays.

  16. buctett says:

    Quite complaining . the Vikings did they best they could with the amount of time they had.
    The real issue is the Dumpster downtown causing all this to happen

  17. scottb says:

    I have no sympathy for these season ticket holders. They can easily go to the game, get a decent seat in the lower level, and enjoy the game outdoors for the first time in over 30 years. But they choose to be narrow-minded, concerned that they won’t get “their” seats and make themselves out to be selfish when this is a unique situation. If they want their seats so badly they should line up at the Metrodome and see if the repair crews will let them sit in their assigned seats while the game goes on at TCF Bank Stadium.

    1. freezer says:

      Thats some funny stuff!!

  18. Mike says:

    The Vikings should’ve gotten the new stadium in the first place over the Gophers. When was the last time they had any sort of season worth following? 1960-something? Even though the Vikings tend to choke in big games, they still bring us an interesting season almost every year. 4 Superbowls, 3 NFC Championship games in a little over 10 years.

    I see the new stadium has really helped the Gophers with recruiting. I can’t wait to watch our MN recruits play for Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl this year!

  19. Rita says:

    i agree season ticket holders should have been addressed first. that you weren’t leaves you the option of not buying any more tickets and adding on to you $40K spent so far (wow).

  20. jkbdpt says:

    The U of MN could have said NO to the vikings request to use TCF Field. How would make all of you Vikings’ fans feel? huh?!

  21. Burt says:

    No public money for a Vikings stadium. Season ticket holder or not. What don’t you get about subsiding a billionaire.

  22. getridofem says:

    I hope it is -20 and a good 20+mph wind blowing right into the open end of the stadium—–great outdoor football weather—-

  23. Tom says:

    selfish + clueless = Marian Owens

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