DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — The case against Proctor’s former deputy police chief has concluded.

Troy Foucault, also a city councilor, pleaded guilty Monday to being in possession of an illegal short-barreled shotgun. The 34-year-old entered an Alford plea on the drug charge. It accused him of possessing morphine seized as evidence in a pharmacy burglary.

He didn’t admit to the drug crime but conceded there was enough evidence to convince a judge or jury he was illegally in possession of morphine.

The Duluth News Tribune reports a theft charge was dismissed as part of a plea agreement. If a judge accepts it, the convictions won’t be on his record if he complies with court-ordered sanctions as part of his two-year probation.

He resigned last month as deputy police chief.

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Comments (4)
  1. John says:

    A police officer should not be treated any different than any other person. I have to believe if this crime had been commited by any other citizen that the end result would have been far different. A firearm crime and possession of a illegal drug and the charges are to be dismissed and the convictions not on his record – Thats Bull!!!!

    1. Skaboulie says:

      You obviously don’t know the case. He didn’t commit the crime. He was a police officer with old evidence in desk. The Chief of Police, who has had a political and personal vendetta against him, initiated this and it should have been handled as a policy and procedure issue. He shouldn’t have been in court in the first place.

  2. Gene G. says:

    This is a pretty common sentence actually. Anyone familiar with the legal system would agree…dirt bag or police officer…for a first time offense, they would typically get this type of sentence.

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