By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Ice dams are a homeowner’s nightmare, but who do you call to help rid your home of this?

“How much is it? Who can do it? What’s fair? What’s not fair? So, I knew it was a hot topic, so I decided to go and do some research on my own,” said Diana Herzan, who writes customer reviews for the

Herzan’s article on snow and ice dam removal, which addresses how much it should cost and how much is too much, is getting a lot of attention.

She checked the top 20 ice dam removal companies in the Twin Cities and found what she believes to be a good price for this service.

“Go around $300 an hour per man. I think that’s pretty fair and pretty reasonable,” she said.

However, one WCCO-TV viewer says the price for ice dam removal is all over the board. Seven days ago, she paid a local company $275 an hour to get rid of her ice dam.

WCCO-TV called the company Wednesday and the message stated that they were really busy, but quoted their new hourly rate.

“Our current hourly rate for ice dam removal via steam is $475 per hour. We have a two-hour minimum and the average job takes some two to four hours,” said the message.

Herzan says some companies are taking advantage of homeowners who desperately need this service. However, she added that homeowners should expect to pay big bucks because the companies that provide this service have a lot of expenses.

“They have a lot of money into their workman’s compensation insurance and their insurance for that type of work, and their equipment as well,” Kerzan said.

Her Zahn’s top pick is Walker Roofing. Chad from Walker Roofing says their prices reflect the expense of gasoline and antifreeze used in the steamer.

WCCO-TV’s Reg Chapman Reports

Reg Chapman

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  1. Ron B says:

    Put a set of heat cables where you usually get ice damns and the problem is solved.. I did.. works like a charm the ice is melted and the qwater went down my gutters witht he heat cable in them. no worries… 200 bucks of heat cables= no ice dams priceless..

    1. Joel says:

      wow, because your situation is like everyone elses right? I love people that only look at things from their own perspective.

  2. JP says:

    $475 an hour, that is close to 1 million a year at that rate. Talk about gouging….

    1. JT says:

      You completely neglected to figure in the cost of equipment, supplies, fuel, and insurance. What a dolt!

  3. Billy says:

    How can anyone afford to live now days?

    1. Lon says:

      good point. Just like when the govt says there will be no cost of living increase in Social Security because there is no increase in the cost of living index. Absurd! Obviously, the Senators don’t pay for groceries or gas. It is much more appropriate to send our money overseas – foreign aid – then to take care of our own.

  4. Tony Hardy says:

    Check out our blog about ice dams and how to prevent them/what to look for.

  5. Kevin says:

    Name one other home related service that is $300 an hour. Price gouging is right!

  6. Mark Elder says:

    90 year old woman?

  7. Nnyl says:

    We’ve had luck creating a open channels in our ice dams by filling old nylons with ice melt and flinging them up on the roof. Our house doesn’t have gutters, I don’t know if it will make a difference. It took several hours, because the ice was thick, but we now have two open channels and will be adding several more in the morning. Going to add these every few feet.
    Here is an article from This Old House about this quick fix:,,211604,00.html

    1. JDR says:

      Thanks for the tip and the link!

  8. Don S. says:

    John, the rates that Al Lindus was complaining about this morning are the same rates they charge
    $268.00 to show up at your door step and then
    $84.00 per hour per man…..
    How can he say one thing when they charge the same outrages

  9. Kevin says:

    WCCO’s article should be more about the price gouging….

  10. says:

    The price was misquoted, Walker Roofing told me that the price was $300.00 per hour for two men, not $300.00 per hour for each man. Thats more resonable

  11. SUNIL PARIKH says:


  12. Local Ice Dam Expert says:

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