MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A fight that broke out at a Maplewood bowling alley Friday night ended with three people getting stabbed outside.

According to Dave Kvam, Maplewood Police Department’s Deputy Chief, the fight happened at Maplewood Lanes Bowling Center at 1955 English St. around 11:33 p.m.

It started inside the building, was broke up, then later started back up again outside around 12:19 a.m.

Kvam said three people were stabbed, two with non-serious injuries. One person was seriously injured and was sent to Regions Hospital to undergo surgery.

In all, two people were arrested, but Kvam said a large group of “up to 40 people” were involved.

The two people arrested are Sher Xiong, 24 and Ku Xiong, 18.

Police said many people fled the scene and there was also a language barrier between officers and those involved so it is not clear what escalated the incident.

Police do say that it is not a random event however, and the assault happened between two groups that knew each other.

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  1. Get Real says:

    Orange man, please get educated before making stupid comments on here. Nowhere in the article does it say anything about Vietnamese refugees. Also, this article has nothing to do with race. There are bad apples in every ethinicity. Please don’t tell me blacks, whites, or any other group out there does not fights once in a while. Grow up!

    1. Bluepmil says:

      Who doesn’t wants to pick a fights once in a while?

  2. digger says:

    Nixon? unless you mean we should have bombed the hell out of North Vietnam I think you have to go to Kennedy and Johnson for U.S. involvement. Every one calls it Nixon’s war . check your history .

    1. insignificant says:

      ah…Henry Kissinger,dude…don’t forget Kissinger…who by the way was consultantant firm for A.I.G. and all kinds o’ other dirty deeds in foreign relations

  3. lynn says:

    qryptik you aren’t very bright are you? They were Hmong. Racist people are so damn slow. Learn some tolerance. People are people.

    1. qryptik1 says:


      Where did you read anything I wrote that led you to believe that I thought they were anything other than Hmong? I think your ignorance is confusing someone’s follow up post with mine. I’m not racist, I just hate supporting lazy non-working entitled people that come here from other countries and fail to speak English. If you’re going to move here and live off our welfare system, at least learn our language. And please do my gardening while your at it.

      1. Nate Hoffmann says:

        I think the fact you use the term ‘lib’ is enough to disprove your credibility. Use big people words please.

      2. vilai yang says:

        you got a lot to say… first of all learn to speak the native language if anything!!!

        1. lynn says:

          Good point vilai. A lot of people assume we were here first. Wrong.

          1. Allah Is Coming To Town says:

            Oh dear sweet Lynn…come move your liberal arse to my neighborhood…..and I will count the days down before you cahange your little mind on “diversity”…….its easy to love diversity….as long as it does not effect you….liberals are morons…go get a production job at St Jude in Minnetonka…..you’ll see diversity….as in NONE…you will be one of a hand full of whites out of thousands…..unemployment nearing double didgits and a reecession and we continue to burden our state with the high cost of immigrants…..morons in morons out…

  4. Bluepmil says:

    A language barrier on English St. Go figure.

  5. mwern says:

    I’m just getting really sick of the Parents blaming our Country for there Brats joining Gangs and before any comments on this post are made research past articles as this is always the case.

    I don’t have an issue with other races at all, but I do feel that if your going to live in our Country you are responsible for abiding by all of our Laws whether it be Fishing, Hunting and Crimes. This whole language barrier excuse is such a crock as do we have free reign to commit crimes in there Country and blame them.

    1. vilai yang says:

      first of all, its not your country… its all of ours,we have a black president for a reason!!! and if you want to take it that far it’s the natives….

  6. mwern says:

    Please tell how you have assumed that all Democrats are racist??? Don’t bother as you can’t even spell RACIST correctly to even know what it truly means.

  7. Preston Maplewood says:

    too much time on their hands, these kinds of folks needs to be adults instead of acting like little children and get real life ….

  8. Allah Is Coming To Town says:

    I live in Maplewood and have for over 20 years! Maplewood is a war zone. I thank the liberals for ruining my fine city. Maplewood was once a proud city, clean and safe. I have has SWAT teams on my block 4 times during the past 10 months due to Hmoung Gangs. Screw you that tell me I am a biggot! Come live in my neighborhood, you know the neighborhood you dumped all the Hmoung and Somalians at, your all full of bs…..I thank you for making Maplewood a “Diverse” place to live….and run from gun shots………Liberals are morons…

  9. Allah Is Coming To Town says:

    I live in Maplewood….and all I can say is ENOUGH DIVERSITY already……my fine city is now a war zone……more immigrants please…

  10. Mr. F says:

    Enough people!!!

    They were just celebrating the death of their general Vang Pao.

  11. Lee says:

    Those Hmongs needs to get there act together. They are the arm pit of asians.

    1. vilai yang says:

      people like you creates problems with race!!!!

  12. Sea Sick Steve says:

    Hmoung bowl???? It’s the end of the world as we know it…..

    1. vilai yang says:

      wassup with these racial comments!!! you got a problem but your not willing to deal with it!!!!

      1. Sea Sick Steve says:

        I am an American Yang. If I wanted your thoughts I would go to the farmers market and ask you for it……that is of course if I have a translator…..Diversity is the “problem” here…..I have no problem….except wathcing my state being taken over by those of “color”. Such a shame, Minnesota used to be a great state…..now….its simply a welfare state…

      2. Charles says:

        Yes Steve. Hmong people are taking everything away from you. Wow you are so scared. Come out of your cave idiot. You are not entitled to everything in the world. The world does not revolved around you idiot. So get your head out of your fox news watching ass, stop planting your magic beans and get real dumb ass… This is your not country. Your people stole it. You guys have a history of stealing things from other people. Lets get real.

  13. Ole says:

    Dave Kvam? Is that Asian or Norwegian name?

  14. Thomas Schneider says:

    The language was not a barrier, the no-habla sydromn was used when confronted by the cops. They have a job to do and they have to put up with what the parents are to lazy to do.

  15. EP MAN says:

    I don’t think this anything to do with Race. Parents have to pay more attention to bring up their kids. If 40 people are involved, it could be a family feud too. So parents pay close attention to your kids activities.

  16. a native says:

    if you want the finger pointing game to continue how about the europeans for taking this land from the native-americans

  17. time2change says:

    I kind of know the two groups that was involved. I tried to stop the argument and fight that night but when alcohol is involved, people act stupid. I love my hmong people it doesn’t matter what last name they carries or from, I still wish we all the best and love each others instead of fighting each at new year, tournament, and events,,etc.

  18. The Judge says:

    Everyone Shut UP… We are who we are who we are so let’s all get along…

  19. Charles says:

    Haha.. White People are on here making fun of this. Saying racist things about other race like their own people never shot or kill each other. Wait a minute.. they just had a crazy one who shot a politician in the head. Lets talk about crazy!

  20. Elmo says:

    I see the word “gang” over and over. Where in this article does it mention anything about this being gang related(Though a “gang group” was involved). I know the suspects involved, and at this point the suspects could very well be the victims and the victims be the suspects. When it’s 20-30 people against 5-10 people, what choice is there. And I can tell you this, if they go bowling, there is definitely no language barrier. They refuse to speak.

  21. Hmong GUY says:

    Im Hmong and guess what? Im a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Graduate from a four year private institution. So if any white trailer trash out there has anything to say about that please visit me in my lab where i work. You say these were gangs? FIGHTS BREAK OUT..its a part of life…this is assuming that then War is caused by White people since Germany is the cause of both wars..actually all wars considering Germany as the Holy Roman Empire territory back in the days and please dont get that confused with the Papal States of Italy…anyways as i was ranting white people are the cause of War then and racism sine they started the first hate group, first racial nick names, and official indoctrination of slavery as business…what now? I can act childish too if you want..speak like an adult and i will address all racism like an adult…until then..ill try not to flaunt my HIGH Intelligence…

    1. vilai yang says:

      thats right bro !! we’re always look down upon… thanks for stating their wrongs!!! lol!!!

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