ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Minnesota forward Trevor Mbakwe was arrested and taken to jail Monday night after violating a Harassment Restraining Order, according to St. Paul Police.

The 21-year-old was booked into the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center (LEC) on a misdemeanor charge.

According to police, a St. Paul woman reported that Mbakwe posted a message on her Facebook page Sunday, which was a violation of a current Harassment Restraining Order out of Dakota County.

St. Paul Police then notified the University of Minnesota Police, who arrested Mbakwe without incident at a home on the 1000 block of 29th Avenue SE in Minneapolis at about 7 p.m. He was transported to the LEC and turned over to St. Paul Police.

His bail is set at $500.

Comments (15)
  1. Mary Jane Cobb says:

    Whatever it takes for a win? UGH!

  2. mayhem says:


  3. chuck says:

    For posting something on Facebook? Seriously? Another prime example of how our justice system focuses on the wrong things. I’m sure that there were much more important things they could have been doing but making an example of a high profile athlete was more important that stopping a drunk driver or a car from being broken into.

    1. Paul says:

      Hey Chuck, Just because he is a high profile athlete doesn’t make it right. He broke the law. Get a life.

  4. Doreathea Albin says:

    wow. I had a restraining order on my youngest son’s dad back in 2006 and he kept calling the house and coming by even though I told him not to. He has a violent history – i wanted a restraining order and was given an emergency order for protection instead! I called the st paul police department and you think they did anything? They didn’t even care enough to call me back. I was scared to even sleep at night! After not getting any help from them, I just started letting my son’s dad come back around. 3 years later he is now in prison for assaulting his now ex- wife.. and of course he had twice violeted the restraining order that SHE had on him. Maybe if they had checked him a long time ago his ex wife wouldn’t; have gone through what she did. Oh wait.. I get it now.. because I wasn’t dealing with someone who is deemed important, I guess my life wasn’t important either. I am not downplaying this situation because we don’t know the details but it seems to this person easily could hav blocked this man from her page… I couldn’t block my son’s dad from showing up whenever he wanted to. Way to go, St Paul Police!

  5. Norge says:

    Old Marine saying is rule of the 7 Ps. Proper Prior Planning Prevents P-ss Poor Performance. Last two years gophers start out ranked, lose games and players to legal problems and grades and coaching issues. No adult leadership evident in program that can’t make a plan and impress upon these young men the advantages of staying with the plan to get free-ride scholarships. Tubby needs to go, you just hired another kid to do a mans job. And all the metro libtards can whine somewhere else until Tubby proves me wrong.

  6. PureBS says:

    Kinda lave to laugh myself Doreathea at how they handle things sometimes.
    Seems to depend on ones position in life or role Iit seems. I’ve known people who have been harrassed, in one case almost killed, by folks and you couldn’t get the system to act. Here a FB post….wow.
    Makes me wonder if it’s a wihite-black thing too? I hate to toss out that comment but ….

  7. Smokey says:

    I agree thats its petty and I know there is better things to do for the cops to do but he did break the law

  8. what the heck says:

    how can any one be racist? are we in a car race? i thought we ( white, black, red , whatever were the same race)…… HUMAN

  9. Reagan says:

    This article is posted on the front page 5 times, count them 5. SERIOUSLY! No I did not read it, don’t care, but 5 times????

  10. jal says:

    sounds like she was just waiting for it and he fell into the trap

  11. Matt says:

    If you have a restaining order on someone, why would you still be friends on Facebook? Entrapment?

  12. To Ezzyon Her says:

    Makes ya think now doesn’t it Matt.
    Whats she gonna gain? money-fame-payback-if you don’t want contact with someone on FB it’s easy to >>click

  13. Fascism says:

    Perhaps WCCO is advertising this so more women call the police when people say nice things to them on Facebook.

    And the Oprah Winfrey Mental Health Workers in the State will get more court orders to treat people with genitals.

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