APPLETON, Wis. (AP) — Police say an intoxicated Appleton man punched a nurse in the face as she treated him for a cut finger.

The 47-year-old man was jailed on tentative charges of felony substantial battery and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Police Lt. Jay Steinke says additional charges could also be considered.

Steinke says the nurse was tending to the man Friday night when he punched her “out of the blue.” He says the nurse was caught completely off guard, and that she had no reason to think she’d have to defend herself from him.

The Post-Crescent of Appleton says the nurse suffered a cut and loosened teeth but didn’t require hospitalization.

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Comments (29)
  1. MariaPO'd says:

    Another Classical Booze Tale

    ….. morons abound when the sauce is available. Read all the gory headlines – almost all booze related. Go USA tax dollars …. don’t ever get down on booze or the economy shall collapse. Drunks Forever – yeah !!!!!!

  2. pat lynch says:

    the medical industry should chain ’em up to hold them so they can be treated safely since people seem to be irresponsible when drinking. i think i read an estimate where about half the poeple in the countriy’s jails committed theiir crimes while drunk on alcohol.. personally, i’m fed up with drunks

  3. Wallys drunk says:

    the great thing is he was drunk as skunk and the booze masked the pain in his hand after the blow lol
    we can’t handle the alcohol anymore. violence, dwi’s, fires burning us alive and making us dead
    ain’t the sauce a great thing 😉

  4. Maude and Me says:

    Drunks are creeping and crawling around everywhere it seems. Last week during lunch hour I saw 2 guys in suits deciding it was time to settle something – in a restaurant for crying out loud! They hit each other a few times before others grabbed them. On the table was a meal that was hardly touched – but several empty drinks were all gone.
    Other than drinkers themselves there cannot be a lot of people in favor of alcohol in this day and age. The problem is the sheer number of drinkers – way to many. So intoxication shall remain acceptable. Unless someone loses a family memeber on the road or their job. Then they finally think. I hope

  5. Tom says:

    she should have kicked him in the nuts good and hard

  6. Cache says:

    Drunken Bum should be punched until his lights and teeth are out!

  7. BettyBoob says:

    Another case for Prohibition it seems.
    Booze and Idiots, which is almost anyone who drinks to much actually, are the one fear I have. I want an Uzi

    1. BettyStoop says:

      Failed the history class Eh Betty??
      An Uzi? Really? you have enough problems with alcohol in your life that you want a gun, not just a gun but an Uzi?

      1. BettyBoob says:

        Oooooh – I have no problems in my life with any type of alcohol or drugs. I don’t use anything other than aspirin.
        My step-son was murdered in 2007 by a drunk driver on the highway is all. I hate what alcohol does to people
        I would like that Uzi for anyone I ever see attempting to enter a car under the influence. On a good day I may just take out the rotten DEMONS tires. On a good day I may wait until he the key into the ignition and then it may be many tires minimum.
        Are you using right now dumb head?



    1. JLKF says:

      With dope, you’re a lazy sack.

      1. Marty woriies about JLKF's brain says:

        With booze you’re just plain a lazy worthless drunk slack there ol’ JLKF. How’s the martini? 😉

  9. Common Sense up North says:

    And they prohibit smoking in restuarant;s but allow drinking? Ever hear of a smoker punching someone after snoking too many cigarettes? Maybe if they haven’t had any. Even then, mouthiness generally takes over. Booze is worse than smoking or second hand smoke anyday!!

    1. Not Drunk nor Dumb says:

      Go figure that one out Common Sense. Maybe they all drinking over on the hill right now. Lunch time ya know. 😉

  10. Ben Likes This says:

    line up all the drunks, especially the DWI’ers, in front of a wall.
    Then try to shoot a bow with your eyes shut at the wall from 10 feet away. See what happens. They just maimed by you, you do 30 days with time off for being good behavior.
    You kill them you get 6 years for manslaughter. Serve 4.5 max of it.
    Seems mighty fair and even to me.

    Oh wait – this is not how it works now is it. You’d get life because you are NOT a drunk

  11. Bruiser says:

    Man alive – not a day goes by without story after story of someone under the influence doing something stupid or maiming/killing someone. It just doesn’t stop

    Why not a mandatory 1 year lock up for anything illegal related to alcohol? It could be a work farm for the state doing labor – male or female alike. It would offeset a lot of the cost(s), save lifes and make this state a lot safer for all.
    If you are a stay at home drinker or drink sensibly it has zero impact on you. Act stupid you lose. Is there anything wrong with this concept? talk to me

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      There is a lot wrong with the ideas that have been talked about in this editorial. Not saying that I condone this person doing this but first of all I love how when 1 story is print that everyone has a “good idea” on how to stop this from ever happening again and most of which have to do with either just ignoring the rights of Americans or trying to take them away all together. Remember that they made alcohol illegal 1s before and see how well that worked? Just calm down and open your eyes. It sucks when a loved one is lost regardless of if it was to cancer or a drunk driver. I know this first hand. For all of those people that say it should be illegal because they did lose someone, grow up, unfortunately we all have to go from something and I find it ironic that most of the time these are the same people that say there is a destiny and everything happens for a reason, until it happens to them and then someone has to pay. Just try to look at the irony on this page alone. Advice is easy to give when it never has to do with self reflection I guess, so keep telling everyone else how they should live. Land of the what and home of the brave?

      1. BigTodd says:

        Your rights, my rights, do not mean you get to be intoxicated in PUBLIC. That means on the roads, on the streets, in a public building. You want or if anyone wants to get smashed to whatever point that trips your trigger, including death, hell – I don’t care. That is you perogative and right I guess.

        To get trashed and be out in the public is 1) ILLEGAL 2)STUPID 3)Dangerous to others
        Like I said – choke to death on your vomit if you like. Inside – not ANYWHERE in PUBLIC.
        How many idiots do we have out there anyway??? 😮

      2. Ignorance must be bliss says:

        Where did I say that it was my right to be drunk in public? Maybe you did not read my comment or maybe you missed the point. Either way I fail to see where I state anything like the argument that you give back to me. Next time you are on an editorial maybe you should read the info and not jump to a conclusion that has nothing to do with what is posted. I would explain the statement I made but after reading it again I feel that it already includes all info and if you cannot understand what this means then no amount of explanation is going to get the point across as you will read what you want again.

  12. paab says:

    Wonder why WCCO didn’t name the drunk? Perhaps an illegal?

  13. MARK says:


  14. MARK says:


    1. BBennigan says:

      ya say extreme Mark? a single year for illegal action is severe? hmmmm , guess we know why they don’t fret doing whatever they want. no punishment – no big deal.
      I raise the anty and say a year and if driving no license for 3. that may open an eye or two. if not at least the idiots won’t be killing me while they locked away

  15. jim says:

    Glad I didn’t see that happen or I would be in jail right now too.

    1. ThomasD says:

      Me too and guess what!?!?!???? He’d be walking outside our friggen cell windows laughing at us.

  16. Know how they feel says:

    Nurses deal with violence, verbal and physical, everyday, whether the patients are intoxicated or not. I hope this nurse presses charges, because typically the hospital does not. Nurses are only trying to help and those that abuse us should be last in line to get it. When you go to the emergency room, plan to wait. Sicker people go first, so don’t get angry with them if you are there for something your primary doctor could deal with in the clinic.

    1. Wipe'emOut says:

      personally I hope I get the chance to meet this SOB after they publish the name.
      I subsribe to an eye for an eye …. except in the case of a lady. Then it’s an eye, a golden nugget and a wired jaw . fact – not bs

  17. Jj says:

    Wisconsin. Figures.

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