MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Two members of the Monsters of the Midway defense from Chicago’s famed championship team are reuniting in Minnesota.

Ex-San Francisco head coach Mike Singletary is joining former teammate Leslie Frazier’s staff with the Vikings. Singletary’s agent, Bob LaMonte, confirmed in an e-mail to The Associated Press Tuesday that Singletary will be the linebackers coach and assistant head coach under Frazier, who was named head coach two weeks ago. Singletary told ESPN 1000 in Chicago during a radio interview earlier in the day he’s coming to Minnesota.

Singletary was 18-22 in two-plus seasons in charge of the 49ers, who fired him last month before their final game. Singletary, a linebacker, and Frazier, a cornerback, were part of the dominant defense that led the Bears to a Super Bowl title after the 1985 season. They’ve remained close friends since, and last season during the week leading up to the 49ers-Vikings game both men spoke highly of each other.

“He is a guy that any organization would be proud to have,” Singletary said then of Frazier, who was elevated from defensive coordinator to interim head coach when the Vikings fired Brad Childress on Nov. 22. Frazier was formally given the job on Jan. 3.

Frazier and the Vikings are not commenting about their coaching staff assembly process until it’s finalized. Frazier, who is expected to promote linebackers coach Fred Pagac to replace him as defensive coordinator, has several spots to fill on the offensive side. Also, special teams coordinator Brian Murphy left this week for the same job with Carolina.

To start, though, Singletary will give Frazier an assistant with plenty of experience plus the profile of a Hall of Fame player even though his time with the 49ers was marked by internal conflict and unmet expectations. They started this season 0-5 and never recovered.

“You know what, I’ll put it this way: a personal failure. I’m the head coach of this team and obviously wanted us to do better, felt that we could do better,” Singletary said after his last game with the 49ers.

Singletary began his coaching career with Baltimore in 2003 and was an assistant with San Francisco until becoming head coach of the 49ers on an interim basis in October 2008.

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Comments (19)
  1. No Purple Palace says:

    Hopefully, he will be moving right back to CA in a year or two. This time a little further south!

    1. dont be dumb says:

      quit being a jack a$$. you can move to SoCal if you dont wanna pony up.

    2. vcolson says:

      Classic case of someone still bitter over being the last picked in kickball his whole life.

  2. Viki says:

    I think this could be an exciting move for the Vikes. He has solid defensive chops and I love his work ethic. He may be able to re-energize our flagging D.

  3. gophuckyourselfbucky says:

    Love the move. Definitly re-energize the boys on D. Next news I would like to hear is getting rid of T-doesn’t do Jack

  4. mike says:

    Great addition to the Vikings. I still can’t bring myself to approve the government to spend our tax dollars on a playhouse for a billionaire.

    1. vcolson says:

      We did it for an airline… did you speak up then?

  5. mike says:

    No I didn’t. I was too busy trying to make enough to give to the government to give to the airline. I would think differently today.

    1. vcolson says:

      There are places you can go without an airline hub and professional sports. Topeka, Omaha, Sioux Falls, etc. etc. etc.
      Taxpayers subsidize large businesses everywhere. Businesses attract jobs, jobs create communities… better standard of living, etc. Mike… I’m not in favor of GIVING a billionaire my money, but I AM in favor of the state and counties maintaining a standard of living. This includes arts, parks, preserves, roads, schools, etc. I don’t LIKE the stranglehold franchises have on communities, but it’s a fact of professional sports business life. Building a stadium is creating a VENUE to lure or keep a very large, very lucrative (yes, to the state) business.
      Because the owner is hi-profile and has money shouldn’t play a part in it. It sure didn’t when we elected a billionaire president, funded his war(s), then looked the other way when he lined the pockets of his fellow billionaire friends to run the wars.
      Why people get all bent out of shape over sports is beyond me. If everyone looked at the laundry list of where their money goes… sports would be at the bottom.

  6. Bye Bye Vikings says:

    At last some class on the vikings roster but it still will not get them a stadium

  7. NeedYourHelp says:

    It seems like a lot of jobs would be lost if the Vikings leave, but I don’t have enough information to make an informed decision. Does anybody have that information? And what kind of impact would it have on local businesses around the stadium if the Vikings were not here? It seems like small businesses have boomed around the Target Center, Target Field and ExCel Center. Am I wrong? I’m not looking to start a fight here, I’m looking for real information so I can make an informed decision. Can anyone help me and/or put me in the right direction to do some searches? Thanks!

  8. dufus says:

    I’m really not even that much of a sports fan but I like living in a big league city. I just don’t want to pay for it! How about the Rapid City Vikings? Omaha Vikings? No, just doesn’t sound right. I know, Albuquerque Vikings….hmmm, you know there really is a different air about living in or near a city with professional sport franchises. Please, let’s try to figure out a way to keep the Vikings here, even if it means holding Ziggy down and stealing his wallet!

  9. OutState Vikings Fan says:

    The Vikings do not just benefit the metro area. I live in a small town in southern MN. On game days, people flock to the local establishments to support their team. People have pot lucks during the games–grocery stores benefit. Target and other stores sells thousands of Vikings shirts, hats, etc. Businesses that are open on Sundays let their employees wear Vikings jerseys to show their pride. I have never been to a game at the metrodome, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about the team. As a lower-middle income taxpayer, I don’t have a problem with the State offering a partial package to keep the team here. Having the team does benefit more than just a few big businessmen.

  10. NoPurplePalace says:

    Sorry dontbedumb and vcolon I played D1 football and ran D1 track at VTech in the 90s. Had some pretty good success with both. Could surely take you two couch potatoes apart at the same time. We don’t need the Vikings that badly. Time for them to pay up or move out.

    1. StraycatStrut says:

      Pretty lame comment above….. its easy to dismiss the problem. The challenge is to work things out to a win-win where the STATE actually has a money generator and the fans are happy with a good franchise. The stadium monkey has been on our backs too long.

      1. Long-Sighted says:

        Agreed StraycatStrut. The one thing most anti-Viking people don’t understand is that an NFL team generates an income for the state government. By building a stadium where the Vikings AND other events could take place we are investing in 30+ years (hopefully more) of income. I know that the current economy does not help this situation, but stop being so short-sighted. 5 years down the road when the economy is back to “normal” and the Vikings are gone the state will say “that extra income from the Vikings was nice. Let’s now build a stadium and see if they will come back…”

  11. John Sherman says:

    I wonder how the prime donas on the vikings will like singeltary right in theiir faces not much but needed. I wish you all would just drop the stadium complaints about cost etc besides in the future you woin’t be able to afford them anyhow and besides the greenbay fans will have to fly to calif or maybe just to chicago besides the vike are the new detriot lions.

  12. Clac says:

    Gosh, I thought I was the only one! It’s nice to see I’m not alone. Here’s what you need to try, it works great for me. I have one of those $129.00 tarp garages from sam’s club with the full siding set up in my front yard, only my sides are clear vinyl. Whenever I go out to start the car and listen to the morning news, I usually pass out about the time Mike Lynch starts the weather. Well, just like that, the guy down the street is leaving for work and sees my head slump. He pops in to wake me up! Then I say holy cow! You are right on time bronco billy! What a great buzz! See? you just have to live in a great neighborhood like I do.